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Vine St. Hooligans Podcast: The Joe Ganz Interview

Former Husker great and current co-host of the Omaha World-Herald's "The Bottom Line" radio show sounds off about Bill Callahan, Kevin Cosgrove, Bo Pelini, Nebraska's national perception, his career aspirations, and more!

Chicago's (and Nebraska's) Finest
Chicago's (and Nebraska's) Finest

In this episode of the VSH podcast, the former Nebraska Cornhuskers quarterback opens up about a variety of topics including:

  • His transition from coach to radio host
  • Whether or not any of his former QBs can unseat Tommy Armstrong in 2015
  • The process of putting together offensive game plans under Tim Beck and just how much input Barney Cotton had on the team's offensive strategy
  • The differences between playing under Bill Callahan and Bo Pelini
  • The ineptitude of the 2007 Blackshirts
  • His brief communication breakdown with Bo Pelini after the former head coach's dismissal

Ganz was VERY candid about plenty more topics than those listed above, so be sure to give it a listen. He even gives us an inside look of how plays are relayed from the sideline to the huddle. If that doesn't sell you on the interview, we don't know what to tell ya!

During the remainder of the show we rank the top QBs post-Crouch, play "Would You Rather", discuss our most unpopular opinions*, and more.

*Joe thinks it's ridiculous when people read on the toilet and Derek thinks In-N-Out Burger sucks. Yep, it's that type of segment!

Show Notes
0:00:23 Intro
0:01:31 Poll Question
0:04:12 Stat of the Week
0:05:52 #HuskerHotTake 1: Spring Practice
0:25:10 Interview with Joe Ganz
0:55:02 #HuskerHotTake 2: Nebrasketball
0:59:46 Would You Rather?
1:05:20 Random Topic of the Week
1:10:40 Closing Thoughts

0:00:15 Jay Z - Dirt Off Your Shoulder
0:24:56 Jay Z - Big Pimpin'
1:13:21 Jay Z - Empire State of Mind

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