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Media Microscope Results: 'Salt Creek and Stadium' of Corn Nation

The Corn Nation community provided their thoughts about one of the editors at Corn Nation in 'Salt Creek and Stadium'. Here are the highlights.

The people of Corn Nation spoke and we listened! Here's what they had to say about Corn Nation's "Salt Creek and Stadium".

Thumbs Up:

  • Writing Skills - Opinions aside, the community was a fan of Salt's storytelling skills and his ability to get his point of view across.
  • Valued Commenter - In addition to his writing, Salt's contributions to the comments section was pointed out as a strength for him.

Best Comments:

DarthFluttershy -

I think he's a solid 4. He writes very well and in depth, but I'm docking him a point because his articles seem to reflexively follow the theme, "don't be passionate if you don't like what's happening," which is ok in some respects, but I think it misses some of the nuances of vicarious psychology that makes fandom so much fun. Granted, they're well-written when he writes them, and he offers good reasons for his position, but I think CN as a whole walks a little too close to the line of trying to influence how we feel about things rather than simply presenting their own opinion on such at times. As long as behavior remains appropriate, being upset at something is a perfectly fine and sometimes rational response. Plus dang it... I like being angry.

He's a lot of fun in the comments

aroo2977 -

He's a really good writer and CornNation should definitely keep him on. I'm assuming that's what this whole thing is about, some type of Communist McDonald's hybrid where you get judged and then Emperor Joaquin Phoenix Thumbs-Down'd into the gladiator pit facing your ultimate demise... a fist fight with Bo-Urne!

Thumbs Down:

  • Squashes Opposition - Some community members felt Salt is too quick to attack opposing views to his own.
  • Attitude Change - Commenters mentioned the tone of his work has turned more "negative" towards the end of Bo Pelini's tenure at Nebraska.
  • Backtracker - see comment below.

Best Comments:

Stevew0720-2 -

I remember a few years back, he was the president, CEO and most active member, of team sunshine, and I would always find myself disagreeing with him.

However, as he grew tired of the Pelini years, and as 9-4 seasons became a foregone conclusion, he became more cynical, almost grumpy.

Then, you add in all the drama and in-fighting at cornnation, and we've pretty much broken him down, he's not renewed his team sunshine membership, and now he spends his days injecting meth into lab mice and building a formidable army of drug-addicted, flesh-eating mice, which he is plotting to deploy and kill us all.

Doc1028 -

If this were a year or two ago it'd be a definite 4 but it seemed as if as soon as the Wisconsin game happened the tone of his posts did a 180 (which can be understandable) but he also seemed to throw out some pot shots at the previous staff just to gain back some "street cred" or whatever.

aroo2977 -

Salt's a 8.5ish on the writing scale, thumbs up there. But I don't always agree with him, opinion-wise. Not sure if there is a rating for that. Mainly because he backtracks. Case in point:

Wait until you hear about his staff. Then start questioning this hire.
by Salt Creek and Stadium on Dec 4, 2014 | 10:24 AM

So if we've now heard about the staff and are duly unimpressed, can we now question the hire? No, Salt says. Give Riley a chance. RESOURCES.

Salt scored an average of 2.73 in the ratings poll (115 votes), which means the community thinks his work is just below average. That, or there was a massive prank being played with all the "1" votes.

Thanks for all your feedback and hopefully we receive even more comments to discuss in future editions of the Media Microscope. Who would you like to see reviewed next?

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