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Corn Flakes: Spring Football Practice Update

Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Lots of news about spring football practice. Probably not a whole lot we didn't already know, except maybe for the fact that the players seem decently excited about this new coaching staff. A big worry coming into the new regime was how many of them would buy into the new staff, and that, at this point, seems to be a non-issue. That's a huge hurdle to overcome.


Nebraska has to win five games in five days in the toughest basketball conference in the nation. Their odds - 200/1. There's a chance.

BUT - just in case they don't make the NCAA tourney, I am asking the community if they'd like us to run a March Madness contest anyway. We have a new bracket partner, and will be using Real Time Brackets. We can choose to run a real-time contest (you can change your picks as the tourney goes on), or we can run a traditional bracket where you pick everything up front. UP TO YOU!

Huskers Complete Second Spring Practice - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site
Nebraska defensive coordinator Mark Banker spoke to media members following Monday’s practice, mentioning that practice was slightly better than the first practice on Saturday, as players and coaches alike are getting used to each other on the field. “It was a little bit better than day one, the thing that I have to remind myself about is the fact that everything is new to everybody,” Banker said. “We are new to the players, the players are new to us, scheme, you rely a lot of times as a coach on guys that have been in the program and have been through it, that is not necessarily the case.”

Practice No. 2: Banker Talks New Defense | Hail Varsity
Defensive coordinator Mark Banker has a defense that is appealing to the Huskers across the board, but it's going to take some learning.

Running back competition has senior Cross excited : Latest Husker News
Nebraska’s head coach was making a point: If it’s the right running back, a guy like Ameer Abdullah last year or Rodgers in 2009, Riley is more than willing to let that type of player be The Man in his backfield.

Davis commanding respect in RB room
Saturday’s practice was the first time Imani Cross and the rest of the running backs got to experience the hands on treatment Nebraska assistant Reggie Davis can bring to the position room.

Quick transition for Stewart
Nebraska defensive backs coach Brian Stewart has a head start on his players - a full five days of learning defensive coordinator Mark Banker’s playbook.


Oklahoma Sooners respond to racist video by demonstrating instead of practicing -

Dressed in all black, arm-in-arm. Players and coaches alike.

Read the comments. Good lord. There's a lot of angry, hateful people in the world. I guess we knew that, huh? But, still shocking to me just the same. The utter stupidity of it all.

Oklahoma football: Eric Striker can't stay silent any longer | News OK
Less than 12 hours after viewing the video — and three hours before he would walk arm-in-arm with teammates and coaches into the Everest Training Center in silent protest — Oklahoma senior linebacker and team captain Eric Striker sat in the OU library, calmly detailing his outrage and heartache over the racist chant that went viral Sunday night and embarrassed his school.

Ohio State baseball: Buckeyes win shortened series with WKU - Land-Grant Holy Land
The Buckeye bats woke up as Ohio State won its first road series of the season.

Hoosiers escape in 3 games, dominate 4th to sweep Florida competition - The Crimson Quarry
With Scott Effross resting for precautionary purposes, Indiana baseball battled to win three tough ballgames to start the weekend, then destroyed Ball State on Sunday to win its 5th straight and...

Final Big Ten power rankings and All-Big Ten team - The Crimson Quarry
I reveal my final power rankings of the year and the TCQ staff gives their votes for all-B1G team.

Bloomington basketball fans continue to have no chill, chant "Tom Crean Sucks" at son's game - The Crimson Quarry

Overindulgent Parents May Breed Narcissistic Children - US News

MONDAY, March 9, 2015 (HealthDay News) -- Kids who think too highly of themselves likely developed their narcissism because their parents put them on a pedestal and doled out unearned praise, a new study claims.

So... yeah.