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Big Red Cobcast: The Kent Pavelka Interview

The guys interview the voice of Nebrasketball, Kent Pavelka!

If you were gonna make a Husker Greatest Hits Album there are a couple tracks that would definitely be on it.

  1. This infamous Lyle Bremser call
  2. This video of Tommie Frazier rapping
  3. And possibly the most famous (depending on how old you are) is this TOUCHDOWN TOMMIE FRAYYYZHA call by Kent Pavelka.

Kent, a Lincoln kid (like myself), grew up on Lyle Bremser as did most Nebraska boys in the 60's and 70'S. That's what I think made our talk with him so endearing, Kent is, basically, my brother (with a less drunk vocabulary) yelling into the microphone cheering on the Huskers. First he did football and now basketball (with another Husker legend Matt Davison whom we interviewed here).

That's the coolest part of this gig is that we get to talk to people who we grew up listening to or watching on TV and we get to ask them all those questions we wanted to ask them years ago, or in this case, questions we wanted to ask him last week about what is up with Nebrasketball.

So that's what we did. We talked to Kent about everything you can think of. Being a Northeast Rocket (Booooo! Go Links!) calling 2 National Championship seasons and Nebrasketball. As well as all the other stuff your Husker ear holes want to hear.

Next week we interview Eric Lueshen and it is an absolutely amazing interview. So make sure to come back and listen next week.

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