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Media Microscope Results: Mike Welch of 93.7 The Ticket

The Corn Nation community provided their thoughts about Mike Welch, the host of 93.7 The Ticket's 'Drop the Mike'. Here are the highlights.

The people of Corn Nation spoke and we listened! Here's what they had to say about 93.7 The Ticket's Mike Welch.

Thumbs Up:

  • High-Energy - Based on the comments and anonymous emails I received, Welch provides an energetic show experience that is quick-paced.
  • Entertaining - Welch's unique point-of-view and sense of humor makes his show entertaining
  • Passionate - Welch stands by his arguments and presents his side of the story well.

Best Comments (IanBadeer and anonymous commenter, respectively):

He's high-energy, has passionate opinions, and also has the ability to make you genuinely laugh from time to time.

Often has a unique point of view. Usually defends his arguments well. A lot of potential.

Thumbs Down:

Good In Small Doses - Some of our community members can only listen to his fast-paced show segments at a time.

  • He's A  Homer - Some were not a fan of Welch's local slant on most sports topics.
  • Devil's Advocate - See best comment
  • Best Comments (Wildcathusker82 and anonymous commenter, respectively):

Welch is Entertaining... but waay to big of a local homer
I know it's supposed to be the local media, and all. He's entertaining and sometimes has some good takes but he does not bother to do his research or to look beyond his big-red glasses to learn other coaches/players/personalities. I've lost count on the times I'm driving from work (About a 20-25 min commute) and I correct him (obviously talking to myself, lol) since i'm a casual ESPN/SBNation/Grantland reader. So, I give him a 4/5 but closer to 3.

In my mind nobody tops ESPN's SVP & Russillo.

He's raw and rough around the edges. A little too prone to going #HOTSPORTSTAKE or railing against authority figures (NCAA, Roger Goodell, etc.) for the sake of being anti-establishment.

Welch scored an average of 3.9 in the ratings poll (363 votes), which means the community thinks his work is right below exceptional. Although Welch received a record number of poll votes, the number of comments and emails received did not match the level of interest. Please remember that all new community member sign-ups require a 24-hour approval period, so be sure to signup now to be included in future Media Microscopes!

Thanks for all your feedback and hopefully we receive even more comments to discuss in future editions of the Media Microscope. Our next featured personality is sure to cause a stir.

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