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Corn Flakes: Well, That's Over With... Or Is It?

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National Signing Day has come and gone. I have to congratulate our guys for their coverage. I'm thankful they're all here, otherwise, I'd to cover it and I would probably refuse because I just, honestly, don't want to spend my time worrying about the decisions of teenagers other than my own.

Now what?

Well, if Nebrasketball is going to have the success they did last year, their run had damned well better start now.

Nebraska baseball will start next Friday, February 13th, but they'll start in Las Vegas and won't play their first home game until March 10th. Such is the way of life for a northern college baseball team.

The Red White Spring game is just over two months away. If you're a fan that pays attention to only football, well, you're probably in luck because there's more recruiting, because it never stops. And now we have a group of people who are paid by the athletic department to pay attention to social media.

They're going to feed you little tiny morsels like they're feeding you crack.

I'm not so sure that's a good thing. Shouldn't you be reading a book or something?

2015 Football Recruiting Team Rankings
Nebraska ended up 31st, at least by 247's terms. Ohio State had the top ranked class in the Big Ten at #6, followed by Penn State at #14, and Michigan State at #22.

Fourth best class in the conference with a new coach? Sounds good to me.

National Signing Day 2015 winners and losers: USC, UCLA lead the way |

Losers • Michigan's underwhelming class It’s unfair to judge a coach on his first recruiting class.

But they go ahead and do that anyway.

Alabama has 2015's No. 1 recruiting class, extending streak to 5 years -

Ho hum, the Crimson Tide signed another top-rated recruiting class.

I think they mean "purchased".

Does Alabama interest boost a recruit's rating? Of course ... and with good reason -
The Crimson Tide are close to signing their fifth straight No. 1 recruiting class. Have their on-field and NFL Draft results ever suggested their rankings are inflated?

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Michigan announced a 14-man 2015 recruiting class on Wednesday.

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Using advanced stats to gauge which college football running backs and rushing quarterbacks were the most effective in 2014.

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Ryan Boldt and the Huskers were impressive last season, but they want much more in 2015.

Nebraska Baseball Eying Another Regional Appearance
Nebraska brings in a number 23 ranking into the season and will be tested throughout it's schedule by perennial powers such as Texas, Texas A&M, LSU, and Cal State Fullerton. "We're giving them an opportunity to have a high enough RPI to host regionals," Erstad said.