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Meet The 2015 Nebraska Preferred Walk-On List

There are 8 gentlemen that will be coming to Nebraska on their own dime.

Eric Francis/Getty Images

The walk-on. It's a storied tradition here at Nebraska, where kids in small towns with a few stoplights and more farmland than pavement think of what it'd be like to run through the tunnel at Memorial Stadium. What it would be like to play with the state you grew up in watching.

Every local kid dreams of it. These gentlemen will live it.

Here is your list of '15 Preferred Walk-on's for the Nebraska Cornhuskers this year.

Fyn Anderson DL             6-3  260               Lincoln, Neb.                                 Lincoln Southeast

Jared Brugmann LB             6-2   225               Gretna, Neb.                                 Gretna HS

Brody Cleveland LB             6-2   210               Ogallala, Neb.                               Ogallala HS

Austin Hemphill FB              6-0   220               Gretna, Neb.                                 Gretna HS

Reid Karel QB             6-3   190               Seward, Neb.                                Seward HS

Wyatt Mazour ATH           5-9   190               Albion, Neb.                                 Boone Central HS

Jacob Weinmaster LB             6-0   200               Loveland, Colo.                              Loveland HS

Conor Young ATH          6-1    170               Cozad, Neb.                                  Cozad HS