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National Signing Day 2015: Huskers Ready To Get Better

Big Red expects 20 kids at the least to sign LOI's on Wednesday.

David McGee


Whether you love or loathe it, today marks the beginning of when your team gets better. We'll be here all day long with updates on the Nebraska Cornhuskers as they get Letters Of Intent faxed into North Stadium. A prospective student-athlete can not fax their LOI into any school before 7am local time where they live. In that case, Nebraska's LOI's will be filed throughout the day as they have players around the country faxing LOI's in.

To note, the Huskers expect at least 15 LOI's coming through the fax machine. 4 of Nebraska's verbals have enrolled in school and are in Lincoln already. They are:

Eric Lee - Cornerback from Valor Christian HS, Littleton, Colorado

Avery Anderson - Safety/Athlete from Pine Creek HS in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Aaron Williams - Safety from Carver HS in Atlanta, Georgia

Dedrick Young - Athlete from Centennial HS in Peoria, Arizona


Nebraska has two hat ceremonies to sweat. Those are:

Adrienne Talan - Selecting between Nebraska, Temple and Pitt. Will pull his hat around Noon Central today. Expected school: Nebraska

Terez Hall: Choosing from Nebraska, Missouri, and Wisconsin. Will pull his hat around 9am Central today. Expected school: Missouri.


You are noticing that Nebraska is missing one player from the 20 that was up there last night. Well, word is that Willie Sykes will be not signing with Nebraska, and with Arkansas instead.


We will update the StoryStream with news as it comes in the morning. I will be handling the Corn Nation twitter as well, giving updates as they come along.