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Nebraska Football Recruiting: What Surprises Could Come Wednesday?

Getting ready for the big day tomorrow? So are we. Lets look at it real quick.

Adrienne Talan. Noon decision.
Adrienne Talan. Noon decision.
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Tomorrow about this time, the Nebraska Cornhuskers will have their 2015 recruiting class via the fax machine. There are still a few surprises and such that could pop up for the Huskers, both good and bad.

Lets take a look at who's actually in school and who is verbaled to Nebraska.

Thanks to the cats at 247 sports, they ran out another embed tool that I'm gonna use today and tomorrow.

Everyone that is committed or already enrolled to Nebraska is listed above. Lee, Anderson, Williams and Young are already enrolled in Lincoln and going to school/working with the team, so they are not in danger of not making it.

So, who could be the surprises? Lets take a look:

Adrienne Talan: It sounds like it's Nebraska, Temple and maybe Pitt for Talan. There's no reason to think that he won't be a Husker in this class. The Crystal Ball points to Big Red, including my selection. He will announce his selection at about Noon CST tomorrow, so don't sweat it if you don't see a post with his name early in the day.

Terez Hall: With all the fighting that Nebraska and Wisconsin did for Hall on the final weekend, it just may not matter. Missouri should win this one over Big Red and Bucky. He wants to have a hat ceremony tomorrow, so I think it's just a matter of semantics.

Angelo Garbutt: I originally had Garbutt in this update, but as I was typing, he committed to Iowa. Word had it that the Garbutt OV got sour with Nebraska for some reason, but there was a fleeting hope that things could be mended. Not anymore.

Willie Sykes: There's a lot of chatter about Sykes getting a look from Arkansas in the last couple of days. His HS teammate, who is heading to the Razorbacks, tweeted this gem out.

The Omaha World-Herald's Sam McKewon got an answer about this though...

This late in the process & with no OV in a dead period, I am gonna venture that Nebraska should be alright here. If this was a couple weeks ago, I'd sweat the kid.

Here's the 247 National composite the day before NSD, for reference.

And here is the Big Ten version of it.

The day starts early and I'll be on the site and twitter in both my name and the CN twitter giving up all the updates. Make sure to check it out.