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Vine St. Hooligans Ep. 19: Ft. Hail Varsity's Brandon Vogel

The Hooligans interview Brandon Vogel, managing editor for Hail Varsity Magazine. Nebrasketball's remaining schedule, fan reactions to Tim Miles' lockout, football vs. basketball expectations, the best workout music, and more are also discussed.

The VSH crew is back with a vengeance as they dissect both legit and delusional fan expectations for the basketball program, what they would like to see from Nebrasketball for the rest of the season, what makes a great workout song, and more! In what might be the gang's strongest show to date, here were some of the highlights:

  • Joe suggests Tim Miles should decline any non-NIT postseason invitations to focus on recruiting
  • The guys respond to Husker Hoops Central's Twitter question of whether or not social media is making the current Nebrasketball hoops situation worse
  • The following question posed by Mike Welch is discussed:

  • Derek sounds off on fans using "football logic" when assessing Tim Miles' program
  • Hail Varsity's Brandon Vogel provides many great soundbites including a few notes on Charles Barkley's harsh words on analytics
  • Nick and the guys provide their favorite workout songs. Here's a sampling of some of the music that gets them ready to crush it in the weight room (yes, Joe is serious with the Nickelback stuff!):

  • The gang plays a word association game with the likes of Darin Erstad, Alex Morgan, and Katie Nolan thrown in

Feel free to jump right into the podcast by clicking the play button below or you can check out the show notes at the bottom of this post for detailed information about the segments and music included in the show. Enjoy!

Show Notes

0:00:23 Intro
0:01:35 Poll Question
0:03:35 Stat of the Week
0:04:38 #HuskerHotTake 1: Nebrasketball
0:22:57 #HuskerHotTake 2: Comparing Football and Basketball Expectations
0:28:27 Interview with Hail Varsity's Brandon Vogel
0:47:52 Random Topic of the Week
0:52:42 Word Association
0:58:03 Closing Thoughts


0:00:11 Blink-182 - All The Small Things
0:31:56 Steve Aoki - Get Me Outta Here
1:00:42Nickelback - Next Contestant

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