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Media Microscope: Damon Benning of 1620 The Zone

Join the community as they critique the most prominent media voices and personalities of Husker Nation. In this edition of the Media Microscope, the 1620 The Zone radio host Damon Benning is on the hot seat.

The Media Microscope is back in focus and this time around we have the host of Omaha radio station 1620 The Zone's "Sharp and Benning in the MorningDamon Benning under the lens.

If this is your first time reading this series, the goal of this feature is to evaluate Husker Nation's popular writers and personalities through the lens of the fan. Critique those that critique for a living. The rules are simple:

  • I present the media personality up for your review (i.e. Joe Schmoe - Lincoln Journal Star)
  • You vote in the poll at the bottom of the article
  • You comment with the one thing you like most (Thumbs Up) and the one thing you dislike most (Thumbs Down) about the media personality under review (i.e. Thumbs Up - Love his honest take on the columns he writes/Thumbs Down - I wish he would stop referencing the previous coaching staff)
  • After enough responses are gathered, I will summarize all positive and critical comments in a later post. If you have the same sentiment as others that's perfectly fine as the point is to find the common denominator for each media personality.
  • Got it? Good.
Before you sing the praises of the popular radio host, here are a few of Benning's most notable works*:
  • "Tim Miles"- Benning and his co-host discuss Tim Miles' motivational techniques after the coach locked players out of certain basketball facilities.
  • "We've Got Riley" - the Mike Riley hire is briefly discussed.
  • "NFL Combine w/ David Schuman" - Gary Sharp and Benning interview NFL combine guru David Schuman.
Have at it, Corn Nation. Let us know what you what you think of Benning's work by voting in the poll below and by leaving a comment in the format detailed above. If you have an article or radio segment featuring Damon Benning you think the community should review before offering their critique, feel free to share that as well.

If you prefer to remain anonymous with your feedback, feel free to email me at derek (at) nocoastbias (dot) com.

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