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Happy Birthday to Noted Nebraska Legend Dr. Tom Osborne!

We're late to the party but we brought our own contribution to the celebration!

Malcolm Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Noted Nebraska legend Dr. Tom Osborne celebrates his 78th birthday today. It's not really necessary to rehash the accomplishments of the college football Hall of Fame coach.We would, however, be remiss if we didn't get him a card and a gift. What do you get the coach who brought three national titles to Nebraska though? We thought about a fishing charter, but then we remembered that we're "internet media" and fishing charters are expensive. And it's too late to make a macaroni statue of Osborne going for two.

So what do a bunch of internet people get a septuagenarian on their birthday at the last second? AN E-CARD! Of course! It's fool-proof!

Happy Birthday Tom 2015

We think that covers pretty much everything, Dr. Tom. (We apologize for the limitations on the coupon but that was the best our crack legal team could come up with.)

But in all seriousness, we wish Dr. Osborne all the best and hope for many more years for the legendary coach and statesman.