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Nebraska Spring Football: Previewing The Quarterbacks

With a new HC, OC, and style of Offense, who will be the man that leads the competition come the end of Spring Practices?

Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

When Mike Riley got the HC job with the Nebraska Cornhuskers, the main hire that people on the Offensive side of the ball was watching was the QB/OC that came with Riley.

With the hire of Danny Langsorf, a lot of people are wanting the development that seemed to be lacking with Bo Pelini and OC/QB coach Tim Beck. Interestingly enough, Langsdorf has the same title as Beck did. However, with the knowledge that Langsdorf & Riley seems to be QB "gurus" and such, there's hope that the Quarterback position can make a jump into '15 off this set of practices.

Leaving: None

Returning: Six players

Tommy Armstrong Jr.: 13 games, 13 starts, 184-345 (53.3%), 2,695 yards, 22 TD's, 11 Int's, 133.03 rating
Ryker Fyfe: 7 games, 4-10 (40%), 40 yards, 1 TD, 0 Int's, 106.60 rating
Johnny Stanton: 2 games, 1-1 (100%), 6 yards, 0 TD's, 0 Int's, 150.40 rating
Zack Darlington: Redshirted
A.J. Bush: Redshirted
Tyson Brokemeier: Did not appear in a game.

The Nebraska Passing Offense wasn't terrible per se, but at the same time, when you have Ameer Abdullah and you finish the year with the 83rd ranked Passing O in FBS, you're not going to turn many heads. Granted, there are some big teams that finished behind Nebraska (such as Oklahoma, Georgia, Texas and Washington), but it never seemed that throwing the ball was a true threat to many Defenses.

So, now you talk about three main guys who seem to be in a QB race.

Armstrong: Everyone wondered how Armstrong ended up starting every game last year, and some called for him to sit. Then again, people called for him to sit the previous year as well. That being said, there was no Ron Kellogg III to take over for a series or 2 in the middle of him getting hot. He will be the lead QB going into the Spring. The fact that he's made mistakes makes you wonder if there's someone better.

Fyfe: The Grand Island native is a thin, home grown guy who hasn't shown much in his playing time, but he seems to have a good idea on how to play the game. That being said, who knows if he's really ready to physically step in and start a game unless Armstrong went down with injury. That argument goes along with...

Stanton: The Elite 11 QB out of California who had to RS a year ago due to a knee injury hasn't moved up on the depth chart. However, there's a lot of folks who magically think that Stanton will jump 2 people and start come August because Mike Riley happened to recruit him out of HS. For all those that clamor that Stanton seems to be the man to replace Armstrong, why then couldn't he seem to step above of Fyfe on the depth chart? Co-2nd string isn't really something to write home to Mom & Dad about.

Darlington: He's a true wild card in this whole charade. There's been a tremendous about of worry about Darlington and his concussion issues. With the knowledge that one good hit could end his playing career, how much leeway do you give the man to get out there and make plays?

Bush: Another true unknown coming out of a Redshirt role. Bush did some good things in Georgia in his Norcross HS days, but he seemed to be literally unknown till he committed to Nebraska right before NSD in '14.


This is the big talk about the Offense this year, matter of factly it seems to be the big talk of the entire team. Ironic since everyone that was there last year returns while someone like Ameer Abdullah leaves.

How this depth chart will go this Spring depends on who can both pick up the Offense of Langsdorf and Riley, but also who can make the passes and decisions that matter. There will be running and such, but in the end, who can distribute the ball in a smart & efficient manner will move up.

I believe that Tommy will be the man that is above everyone on the depth chart only because while he may not have the great mechanics, he has become a leader on the Offensive side of the ball and has been there for a while. That being said, there's going to be a movement behind him for #2. It won't make people happy, but TA will be the lead here.

Post Spring Depth Chart Prediction: