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Big Red Cobcast: The One True Recruiting Round Table

The Cobcast men (boys) have this on lock, so look no further. Everything you need to know about Husker recruiting in one place. Plus fart jokes. Several fart jokes.

Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

When the football season ends, I look forward to the bowl game.

When the final tick of the clock rattles at the end of the bowl game I look forward to next season.

That is the exact moment I begin shuffling through all the websites and online articles looking for anything to get me through the next 8 months, similar to how Macaulay Culkin searches all of his furniture for crack in the movie Party Monster. Just one hit... and all this pain can go away BUT the pain of not having Husker football to look forward to doesn't simply go away. It may hide for an hour or so BUT IT NEVER LEAVES.

Then I remember recruiting. Its like the taste of that first, sweet cigarette when I decided to "quit quitting" because "quitting is bull shit" and I look on 247 or Rivals or read every tweet from (Corn Nation's very own) Brian Towle and momentarily I feel better. It only takes one second, however, to realize the pain is only gone temporarily. It will come back. It always, ALWAYS comes back.

The next 8 months are lonely, my friends. So incredibly lonely. So unbearably, unfathomably lonely.

Just remember one thing: The Big Red Cobcast is here for you. We will always be here for you, week in and week out. We will carry you when you need to be carried, we will hold you when you need to be held. We are the one set of foot prints in the sand when you thought you were by yourself. We love you.

This week we wrap up Recruiting with a round table like only the Cobcast can do. Next week (you may want to mark this in your calendar) we interview Matt Davison. Yes, THAT Matt Davison. So come back and listen to that podcast too.It's a good one.

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