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Tuesday's Flakes: Ameer Abdullah Earns High Marks For Character From NFL Scouts

News on a former Husker signing another one, plus what's Randy Gregory needing to improve on at the Combine.

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GOOD MORNING TO YOU ALL. Jon is away on Holiday for a few days, so I'll be taking over the Flakes for the time being.

Now, while it's been a while, I kind of do it a little different than Jon does. For those unfamiliar, I go wide around not only the Husker sports world, but also the whole damn Sports and some real life stuff.

Press Releases : News : Senior Bowl

An instinctive runner with vision and the capacity to change speeds, Ameer Abdulay earned MVP honors on gameday with his performance that included 113 total yards (73 rushing/40 receiving). He is a very savvy player with excellent hands and route running ability to win in space. Pass protection is the area where he must improve the most in the NFL.

The only thing that Ameer is going to get roughed up about is his pass blocking.

2015 NFL Combine preview: 8 key storylines to know -

One of the more scrutinized weigh-ins will be that of Nebraska pass rusher Randy Gregory. Nebraska listed him at 6'6 and 240 pounds. The weight will make people think Dion Jordan, who has floundered with the Dolphins. His height offers intrigue, but what if he's shorter? Gregory is clearly not lacking confidence, but there were stretches in games when he was a non-factor.

Here's to hoping Gregory hits the Chipotle or Golden Corral. I'm still in the party of him needing to gain some weight and he'll be pretty good in the run D category.


Calvin Coolidge. Kept a low profile and said as little as possible, which allowed him to dodge responsibility for any problems that began during his tenure but did not manifest until after his departure. NEBRASKA..

You sure this isn't supposed to be Ronald Reagan? I mean, always looking to get back to the glory of the 1980's and such..

Grub Street’s New Favorite Study Says Red Wine Helps Burn Fat -- Grub Street

Researchers at Oregon State, the University of Florida, and the University of Nebraska apparently, doing God's work, took a deep look at how grapes might affect health, and they say they've found strong evidence suggesting grape intake — in the form of wine or, less fun, the juice — can help overweight people improve their health and possibly avoid accumulating extra pounds.

One case please. Express shipping.

Zierlein: 9 draft prospects who should ace combine interviews -

Sources Tell Us: "He (Abdullah) has the highest overall character grade I've ever given to a prospect, and includes both football character and off-the-field. Aside from (Melvin) Gordon and (Todd) Gurley, I think he's the third best running back in this draft." -- AFC North scout

Lance Zierlien makes a living talking about pro Football and such in Houston. You should listen.

UNLPD investigates complaints of couple using shower together in Schramm - Daily Nebraskan: News

A disturbance was reported by the Schramm Hall Residence director after residents saw a female UNL student and her boyfriend exit the second floor women’s restroom.

.... where's Cobby?

Other items of note I found:

Nebraska isn't the only Big 10 school to lose a good recruiter to the South, as Thomas Brown is gone from Wisconsin and back to Georgia.

Speaking of Wisconsin, they hired former Nebraska WR coach Ted Gilmore. Not going to get how that's supposed to work out but okay.

I don't hate it, but just seems really, really busy.

Somehow, someway, Auburn's BCS title game run in '14 didn't make them money, even with being in the SEC. They reported a loss of nearly $14 million dollars in that fiscal year.

I honestly forgot Cory Ross was the HC of the Beef, and I forgot even more than Brandon Kinnie was trying to get back into Football.

Today's song: