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Big Red Cobcast: The Recruiting Process with Brian Towle

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The Cobcast boys talk to the man (Brian Towle) of Corn Nation about how recruiting actually works.


It's more than just paying too much attention to young high school boys, it's more than awkwardly trying to predict which 3 star is gonna be the next Tommie Frazier and it's more than just filler reading between January and September.

I've always wondered how it works. How do we get 20ish new kids to come to the middle of the country to play football in the freezing cold. Especially when you factor in so many things beyond our control like family life, GPA's and the SEC buying all the good players.

That's where Brian Towle (pronounced toll - you idiot) comes in. He teaches us (me) how the process works, from over signing to Letters of Intent. Mr. Towle is our personal Mr. Miyagi. We're Daniel-son and recruiting is the art of karate.

The SEC is Kobra Kai. Obviously.

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