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Nebrasketball: Terran Petteway Opens Up, Discusses Personal Struggles This Season

The main leader for Nebraska Basketball opened up to the media today about what is on his mind.

David McGee

Life has a way of bringing everything into focus, of re-centering us when we think we have everything all figured out. Today was one of those days. Terran Petteway, the star guard for the Nebraska Cornhuskers Basketball team, has drawn criticism for his on-court demeanor and occasional erratic play throughout the season. Today, we found out why. His mother is battling cancer once again and is currently getting chemotherapy treatments to get it back in remission. That is a terrible burden for anyone to have to shoulder, much less do it on their own, in silence.

Petteway, with his head coach at his side, broke that silence this afternoon, where he addressed the topic after addressing it with his teammates yesterday. Petteway said the concerns have, understandably, impacted his play on the court and he was letting his team down, going as far as offering to resign his captaincy. Miles refused to let him, putting the blame for the disappointing season squarely on his shoulders. The Husker Captain says it has been a relief to finally let his teammates in on what has been happening with his mother.

What impact this has on Petteway and the rest of the Huskers remains to be seen, but the concern is secondary to fight his mother is waging. The thoughts and prayers of everyone at Corn Nation are with Mrs. Petteway and wish she can return to health.