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Are you good with Photoshop? If so, Corn Nation wants you!

Corn Nation is looking to bring on somebody new. Is it you?

Kind of like this, but better.
Kind of like this, but better.
Some Guy

We do a bunch of things really well here at Corn Nation. We have great writers covering football, basketball, recruiting, baseball and more. We have smart people hitting breaking news, writing good editorials, and finding funny things. We're going to continue to do all of that.

But there seems like there is a little something...missing. And maybe you can help us with that.

We're looking for some Photoshop or graphic design help. Ideally, to help us with humor related pieces, but depending on your skills and interest, maybe we can find other uses for your work. The sort of stuff you might find on EDSBS might be a good example for what we're looking for.

Interested parties should send an email and a work sample to

Thank you!