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Corn Flakes: No College Football Playoff Expansion

David McGee

There is no intention of expanding the College Football Playoff beyond it's current four teams at this time, and I'm perfectly okay with that. I agree with the idea of letting it run like this for a few years, just to see how well it works, and having four eligible slots for five major conferences makes it more exciting than if they'd expand to eight and let in a few interlopers.

Some may cite fairness. I hate fairness. It's a joke, fairness, because by making adjustments to make things fair to some you're normally taking something away from others. Screw fairness.

Eight teams - where you going to play the extra games? At college campuses? You'd better, otherwise, don't bother.

College football isn't ready for that yet. They're barely capable of figuring out how this format works as is.

What say ye? Four? Eight? 16?

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Executive director Bill Hancock, who previously didn't like the playoff, now doesn't like expanding the field.

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Big Ten football coaches gathered Sunday and Monday at league headquarters for meetings that commissioner Jim Delany repeatedly described as "upbeat."

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While serving on an NCAA working group reviewing the Division I manual in 2011, Nebraska chancellor Harvey Perlman questioned the NCAA's limits on financial aid. "What is the principle here?" Perlman wrote. "Competitive fairness? Equity? Can't be student athlete welfare because it deprives some (student-athletes) from going where they want to go."

In an email exchange, Perlman said that it is not possible to eliminate or reduce financial advantages some schools have over others. "Thus, beyond any potential antitrust law restraints that may limit our efforts for ‘cost containment' or financial control, one real reason for moving away from such regulations is that they are unenforceable," Perlman wrote.

Fran McCaffery throws a can of gasoline onto the fire for no reason, so here we are.

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Unable to replicate the magic the last time Wisconsin visited Lincoln, the #5 Badgers kept a late Husker charge at bay, downing NU 65-55.

Disappointing, yet fun in the end.

Then there's Ameer Abdullah, making noise: