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Big Red Cobcast: The Matt Davison Interview

Matt Davison "catches" up with Cobcast guys

1997, what a year it was.

I was 17, gas was $1.17 per gallon and the Nebraska Cornhuskers were National Champs. Clinton was president, Saddam Hussein was worlds biggest threat and Matt Davison was a freshman in college. In case you forgot who he was you can watch this video to remind you.

Matt is from Tecumseh, Nebraska (just like our very own Pat Janssen) and he agreed to chat with us about everything we could think to ask him. Which was a lot. Did you know that he heads up an organization called Creating Captains? Did you know that he played every sport ever invented? Did you know that he fought Mike Tyson once in a bar outside of St. Louis on a dare? If you listen to our podcast you'll learn all these things about him and more!

Matt is a very nice guy and we really appreciate him taking the time to chat with us.

If you have anymore #MattFacts that you would like us to know about leave them in the comments below.

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