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The Sunday Notes For Nebraska's Final Visiting Weekend Of The '15 Cycle

Three verbals. Almost a "full" class, and news and notes from the weekend.

Lavan Alston
Lavan Alston
Student Sports

This weekend, the Nebraska Cornhuskers hosted several visitors for the weekend. There were commits, good times, bad times, and everything in between.

It's the last weekend before National Signing Day on Wednesday. Nebraska needed several kids to finish out the class... and then some.

Lets go over who was in Lincoln and where they all stand.


Lavan Alston: Ever since the day after Christmas, Nebraska has been pushing hard with Alston. He visited this weekend and wasn't scared about winter weather.

You see that pic of him in the snow? He is not scared of the weather, you guys.

Alston is fast, and it isn't sneaky. Plus, Nebraska had been aiming for him and got him. But.. that's a trend you'll be seeing to finish this cycle.

Alex Davis: Davis was a guy that the staff targeted just in the past week and a half. He's not shiny or polished, but at the same time Nebraska needs bodies in that aspect.

Antonio Reed: It's fair to say that Reed could very well be a stretch, and you're not wrong. However, Charlton Warren gets the benefit of the doubt on this one. Warren sees something he believes he can work with, he'll probably get that kid. Reed would be a perfect fit to the Peso type of player that Nebraska wanted to get Nathan Gerry to once become.

Check out this morning's piece on Reed & Davis for film and such.


Jordan Ober: Nebraska seems like they are shopping a scholarship for a Long Snapper hard. They hit up Bishop Gorman in LV and Chris Rubio again for a kid.

There was fleeting word that Ober had committed, but I've seen no follow-up on this. So for now, I would have to think that Ober went back to the desert and didn't get that verbal to Nebraska. Without a Gabe Miller anymore, maybe Nebraska thinks they need a scholly on someone. I do wonder if Josh Faulkenberry can't assume that position due to the fact that he was the man for the most part last season.

Terez Hall: Well, it sounds like Nebraska was the final visit for Hall, who should be deciding in the next few days. HE hit up Missouri first, then Wisconsin earlier in the weekend, and Nebraska late in the weekend. This has been a brouhaha between Wisky and Big Red, but don't count out Mizzou here.

Darrin Paulo: The player in the best shape with Nebraska that did not commit over the weekend is Paulo, who Nebraska is neck and neck with Oregon for. The 9th best OG in the '15 cycle, he loved his visit. However, the Ducks are in the thick as well. Riley has gone H2H with Oregon for kids before, will he win his first battle with them at Nebraska?

Here's Paulo's Crystal Ball. Interesting stuff.

I'm predicting that Paulo is a Husker because this was the last visit for Paulo. Riley and Mike Cavanaugh has something to sell and all those Pipeline items are pretty good to show off.

Angelo Garbutt: The only player that seemed things actually got bad with was Garbutt. Interesting tweets coming out about him this morning. Educated guess that it's the reason Antonio Reed committed to Nebraska, but that's completely speculation by me.

Not sure what exactly happened, but it's very odd for a OV to become that cold after there seemed to be a lot of love for a while between Garbutt and the staff. Look for Angelo to become Iowa bound.


So, after the whole weekend, after losing their head coach... Nebraska has returned to close where they were when Bo Pelini was fired back on November 30th in the 247 National Rankings.

Nebraska jumped 4 spots this weekend. That's amazingly awesome.

In the Big Ten, Nebraska jumped to fourth, past Wisconsin.

Combining this with Matt Snyder keeping his verbal and Paulo, Hall, and Kaiwan Lewis making decisions in the not too distant future, Nebraska has a chance to finish off the '15 cycle in a very, very good state for a coaching turnover.

This all being said, Nebraska could finish past the 19 commits that the Nebraska staff were targeting for. And, to be honest, that could work out. We will talk about that past NSD, but for now, it's a nice night in Lincoln, snow be damned.