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Big Red Cobcast: Bowlin'

We did it. We're going to a bowl. We're so excited?

Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

Foster Farms bowl, here we come!

We have a chance for redemption. Sort of. We have a chance to prove that we can compete with the big boys. Sort of. We have the chance to prove that this team is moving in the right direction. Sort of.

So that's where we are as a fan base, a weird nether realm of victory nor defeat. Well, technically we got defeated a bunch but there are tons of excuses/reasons that we can make to help us feel better about going 5-7. I mean, we lost 7 games by a total of 3 points or whatever. Hail Mary's don't count as losses. Giant 4th quarter comebacks feel like W's even though they aren't. Melvin Gordon didn't score on us a single time this year.

In spite of the sarcasm, I honestly do think that the UCLA game can show us what we're made of. We win that game, and lose a rather lack luster group of seniors, come back next year with some very highly regarded red shirts freshmen and it off to the races. There is a lot to look forward to for next year. I'm even excited for the bowl game this year. Sort of.

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