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Cobs of the Week: Houston CSC Security, ACC Refs, Sen. Joni Ernst, and South Carolina

Win McNamee/Getty Images

Championship week has come and gone, and so this is the last edition of the Cobs for the regular season. Don't worry, we will return again during the bowls to honor the worst in college football...but this is it for now.

And because it was championship week, it's also a light week. And unlike last year, the games we did have were actually pretty finding the worst of the weekend took a little digging.

Houston's CSC Security

Many schools outsource their game security to outside companies, because it's too sensitive to get it wrong. But in Houston, it did go wrong at the American Athletic Conference championship game when students stormed the field after the Cougars won.

Sunday, Houston fired CSC and charges are probably going to end up being filed against the security crew.

ACC Referees

Referees are a staple of the Cobs (much like Iowa and Colorado), but this one takes special precedence. North Carolina pulled to within eight points of #1 Clemson with just over a minute left in the ACC Championship game. North Carolina successfully executed an onside kick and recovered the ball...

Except the officials ruled that North Carolina was offsides on the kickoff.

Or were they?

North Carolina was penalized five yards and forced to rekick, which Clemson recovered after the refs gave them a mulligan.  To paraphrase the Pelini brothers:  "The College Football Playoff! That's why they  make that call!"

Senator Joni Ernst

Senator Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) may have been celebrating a little too much in the fourth quarter of the Big Ten Championship game, and apparently didn't realize that Michigan State had scored in the closing minute to win the title. The Hawkeyes were still champions in her eyes, dog-gone-it.

After about 10 minutes (and about 1400 retweets), someone on Ernst's team figured out how the delete button worked...and an hour after that, finally apologized for the goofup.

Kirk Ferentz had his own thoughts about the senator's awareness level Saturday night.

South Carolina

The Gamecocks have had two months to identify a successor to the 'Ol Ball Coach, so you'd think they'd be prepared for it.  Or maybe not.

The only idea that makes sense is that South Carolina likes ex-Florida coaches.