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Nebraska 73 Abilene Christian 63

The Huskers hold on for a 10 point win against ACU

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

Have we seen this before?

Another slow start for the Huskers against a salty Abilene Christian team that kept with the Huskers for most of the game. The Wildcats played well from the start and showed that they are probably a better team than their 3-4 record would show.

The first half the Huskers took awhile to get off the ground and and ACU took advantage. While the Huskers would take the lead for most of it, the Wildcats would usually come back and and cut the lead or gain the lead from the Huskers. The first half, which seemed to have a lot of fouls, ended with a tight 36-34 Husker lead.

Nebraska came out slow in the second half and kept roughly 10 points between them and ACU for the rest of the night. The Huskers had opportunities to pad their lead but the Wildcats but never took advantage. Big Red only shot only 42.9% from the floor and were 4-16 from three point range.

One of the players causing problems for the Huskers was Duran Porter who ended the night leading ACU with 17 points.

The big scorers today for the Huskers, and I mean BIG scorers, were Andrew White III and Shavon Shields who had a combined 51 points. White with 30 and Shields with 21 and the next closest player was Tai Webster with 10. From there it dropped off.

I figured this would be a good game to get a lot of points out of the bench but they really didn't come close. Much of the team played due to fouls but a very few contributed much offensively. Only Fuller, Jacobson, and Watson Jr. scored from the bench and they all had 2 points apiece. This is something that I didn't see coming. I figured this would be a game for the bench to really get some points on the board. ACU played well enough on defense to keep these guys from scoring.

The Huskers need to figure out how to wake up earlier in these games. It took them awhile to get going against Miami and it hurt them in the end. We need more production on offense early on or teams will get to far ahead.

Nebraska plays Creighton on Wednesday this week in Omaha. Hopefully they can come out on fire or it will be a long night.