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Nebrasketball: Abilene Christian Preview

Nebraska will try to rebound from the Miami loss with a win against the Wildcats

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Abilene Christian

Date: Saturday, December 5th

Time: 1:00pm CST

Location of School: Abilene, TX

Mascot: Wildcats (I swear this is the defacto mascot for schools who can't decide)

Coach: Joe Golding (5th Year)

Conference: Southland

2015-16 Record: 3-4

Abilene Christian rolls into Lincoln to take on the Huskers after a tough overtime loss to #21 Miami on Tuesday night. Yes, I know, everyone is looking forward to the Creighton game next Wednesday. But we need to get by these boys from Texas first. The last thing the team needs is an upset loss to the Wildcats.

2014-15 Season: 10-21 (4-14 Conference)

This is the Wildcast's second year playing Division I basketball and it was a rough one. They finished 12th out of 13 teams in the Southland conference. To make matters worse, they went 1-14 in their last fifteen games. Their lone win in the time span against Houston Baptist. I wish I could give you more, but there really wasn't much to write about.

2015-16 Season:

This season doesn't look much better than the last. The Wildcats are have been picked last in the conference in preseason polls and the youth on the team really doesn't give you much belief that they will pull themselves up from the cellar. Only one team they beat this year, Florida A&M, plays Division I basketball. The other two, University of the Southwest and Howard Payne are in the NAIA and Division III respectively.

However, they did give a 5-1 Colorado State a scare a couple of weeks ago by sending the game into overtime before losing to rams 108-100. This is not a very good defensive team but can push a better team if needed.

Top players to watch will be freshman guard Jaylen Fraklin, senior guard Parker Wentz, and junior Jovan Crnic. All of which have seen plenty of court time and are in double digits or close for the season.

What's going to to probably happen:

So far Nebraska has won the games they were supposed to and this should be no different. They've had enough time to rest since the Miami loss and should halve no problem with this win. Abilene Christian is a team that barley plays defense so don't be surprised if most of the starters and a few on the bench end with double digits. They are young so it will be interesting to see how they react to a venue like Pinnacle bank Arena.