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Corn Flakes: Nebraska Volleyball NCAA Quest Begins

The Nebraska volleyball team's quest for a Final Four berth begins tonight when the Huskers take on Harvard for the first time ever. The match is at Bob Devaney Sports Center, starting at 7:00 pm. The game is not televised nor streamed (that I can find). We'll have a game thread up, so stay tuned later.

Nebraska's other initial potential opponents include Kansas State and Wichita State, against whom the Huskers have quite the resume.


• Nebraska has never played Harvard.

• Nebraska is 82-4 all-time against Kansas State, the last meeting a 3-2 upset by KSU in the NCAA Tournament second round in Lincoln.

• Nebraska is 11-0 all-time against Wichita State, and all 11 have been sweeps. The last meeting was the NCAA Tournament second round in Lincoln in 2007.

The 2015 NCAA volleyball tourney bracket is here.

Mark Richt is going to Miami.

This makes me sad. I said as much on twitter, and was immediately hounded by Nebraska and Miami fans, Husker fans apparently thinking that I wanted him at Nebraska, and Miami fans because they're all hateful, spiteful jerks.* Every single last one of them.

So why does it make me sad?

Because Richt is a decent human being and a good coach, and he's going to a place where they only care about the latter, and even then they don't care all that much. I don't see Richt being successful there... unless he becomes evil Mark Richt.

Richt to Nebraska? We already have a coach. That's just dumb.

*Honestly, I don't think I've ever personally met a Miami fan. I've heard talk of them. I've seen people wearing "U" t-shirts, but never anyone who really really claimed the program. Maybe they're extinct, except on twitter?

Barry Odom is the new coach at Missouri.

Odom is 39 years old (that's rather surprising in itself), was Pinkel's former defensive coordinator, and has been at Mizzou for 14 years. I don't know if this is a good hire or not and, honestly, I really don't care.

Les Miles kept his job because politicians aren't as stupid as everyone else.*

The final price tag to part ways with Miles and hire Fisher was more than $30 million. The figure "shocked" Alexander and other officials. Some fought for the coach because of their relationship with him.

LSU has been going through budget issues, and you're going to spend $30M on firing a coach and hiring another because your ego isn't being gratified? That is a level of hubris that can only be found.. well, in a lot of places in America, I guess, but thankfully, not at LSU.

*Yes, I actually wrote that politicians aren't stupid. And they're not. They're lying, stealing, cheating, self-centered bastards, the whole lot of them, but they're not stupid.

Radio Shack euology.

This is bloody excellent, so you should read it.

Championship Weekend Comes

Tonight Bowling Green plays Northern Illinois in the MAC Championship, and then tomorrow the big boys play their championship games. That doesn't include the Big 12, which doesn't have a championship game, but already has a champion in Oklahoma. Whether or not the Big 12 schools are "big boys" is a matter up for debate, and that's why you have a comment section.

  • Iowa vs Michigan State - who you for?
  • Clemson vs North Carolina - can Dabo actually get to the playoff?
  • Florida vs Alabama - can the Gators score?
  • Can anyone really root for USC against Stanford?

That's it for now.

I have a pressing technical issue which I have so far been unable to solve. It has to do with SFTP and cygwin, if you must know (because I know you care). It needs to be resolved today. I better get going.