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Nebraska Basketball: Huskers Lose Big Ten Opener To Northwestern 81-72

A rough final 10 minutes for Nebrasketball gave the game to the Wildcats.

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It was a close game throughout Nebraska got owned on the boards and had no answer for Northwestern's freshman center Dererk Pardon who had 28 points and 12 rebounds. This will be a tough loss to swallow going forward for this young Nebraska team.

The final: 81-72.

The Good

Nebraska was really hot from beyond the arc shooting 11-26 from 3. Benny Parker had a career high with 17 points and shot 5-10 from long range. Andrew White III also shot well. He had 22 points and shot 5-8 from beyond the arc. Nebraska also came out really hot to start the second half. They had a 3 point lead going into the break and came out on fire. Nebraska had an 11 point lead in the second half but couldn't get rebounds that ultimately cost them the game.

The Bad

Rebounding. Rebounding. Rebounding. Nebraska fans have heard this before. Nebraska just lacks in size. They don't have the crucial big man that can help them inside with rebounds and points. Northwestern's star center Alex Olah did not play due to injury. So Nebraska thought they would catch a break. But Northwestern had a star freshman center off the bench in Pardon and just destroyed Nebraska on the glass. Northwestern out rebounded Nebraska 40-25 in this game. If Nebraska could get at least 10 more of those rebounds, they win this game. It's as simple as that. Second chance points kill the momentum for a team. This loss will hurt Nebraska. It was a winnable home opener in the Big Ten. They needed this one, and they couldn't find a way to win it.

What is next?

Nebraska needs to watch the film and move on from this game because it does not get any easier. A very talented and veteran Indiana team comes to Lincoln on Saturday January 2nd. Nebraska needs to get ready for that game. The Big Ten is one of the best conferences in the country and no game will be an "easy win" for this team. Nebraska then plays at Iowa on January 5th. Iowa just beat #1 Michigan State at home on December 29th. The Indiana game is a must win for Nebraska.

Tip-off for the Indiana - Nebraska game in Lincoln on January 2nd is at 3:00 P.M.

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