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Thursday's Flakes: Recruiting, Tommy Armstrong on Instagram, Holders Are People Too

Recent recruiting news, and the other links you need to talk about to others today in the workplace.

Fitzpatrick & Nebraska's staff
Fitzpatrick & Nebraska's staff
Dez Fitzpatrick's twitter

Good Thursday morning!

Jon has beasts to slay, so I got the duty of giving you today's news and links.

You know I won't ignore recruiting, so lets get right to that.

-Nebraska coaches Mike Riley, Keith Williams and Mike Cavanaugh had a in-home visit for three hours with Michigan WR Dez Fitzpatrick. The Huskers really want his services, and the decommit from Louisville really dug his visit from all three coaches.

- Nebraska was in a big in-home visit Tuesday night with Michigan LB David Reese as well. He's eliminated Texas and will choose between the Huskers and TCU. The big reason he decommitted from Michigan is that Harbaugh's crew will not let him enroll early, and Nebraska will not only allow that, but show on how that's benefitted someone like Dedrick Young this season.

- The Husker staff was also in California yesterday as well.

- Look for the Huskers to keep hitting on Michigan kids, with a visit to Kingston Davis down in Alabama today.


Alright, time to hit up some of the links that make you happy.

- Interesting Instagram post from Tommy Armstrong Jr. yesterday...

Throughout my junior year I've dealt with so many obstacles and challenges. The lord has a plan and through tough times he finds a way to give back to the ones who accepts the challenges for better or worse. Next year is my last year as a "Husker" and I can promise my teammates and Brothers that they will get my all. Times will get hard, times will get frustrating and times will be great but I can promise you that I will push them to another level. It's us against the world and throughout my career I've realized that my brothers support me no matter what. Offseason starts now with or without a bowl game!! This season is a learning experience for not just me but for our team!! 2016 will be something special!! One last ride with my boys!!! #gbr

A photo posted by Tommy Armstrong Jr. (@tommy_gun4) on

I'm in the crowd that doesn't think that Armstrong meant anything bad from this, but a bunch of folks are up in arms over this post because of the certain buzzwords like "us against the world" and such.

Personally, I wouldn't put much into this, considering he's still pretty young. Do I wish he said it another way? Of course, considering that folks that still despise Bo Pelini see that one comment and go off on it.

- Four Huskers were named to the All-Big Ten Freshman team on Wednesday.

That's Stanley Morgan, Nick Gates, Freedom Akinmoladium, and Dedrick Young for those keeping score at home.

- We all know that Nebraska Punter Sam Foltz is the B1G Punter of the Year. Well, someone wanted an award, so Minnesota Punter Peter Mortell was recognized... by himself.

Hey, I'm cool with it! I mean, holding during drama squirrel or whatever they play has to be tough.


A few schools hired new coaches yesterday!

- We all know about Scott Frost at Central Florida, but it was made official with the presser yesterday. Word is that he is taking less money than offered, so that he can have more for Assistant Coaches. Smart move, Scott. But your former mascot? PISSED OFF, MAN.

- Former Georgia HC Mark Richt looks like he is given the keys to the Miami wagon. You can argue that firing Richt was dumb enough, but, to be honest I am not completely sold that Miami hit a "home run" here. Yes, Richt can recruit and such, but people still have to show up to the games. Plus, we've seen an alumni group that isn't forgiving if you can't win the right things.

- From a lot of reports, Alabama DC Kirby Smart will be taking the Georgia job, even though he still has an SEC Title game to coach this weekend. Meanwhile, because of the Smart hire (which is, honestly, underwhelming considering who UGA released), folks are not happy with the Georgia AD, Greg McGarity.

- Maryland got their man in Michigan DC D.J. Durkin on Wednesday as well. I suppose that is better than keeping Mike Locksley, who was the holdover to Randy Edsall. That being said, another first time HC spot. Durkin is from Youngstown, Ohio. Hopefully he has more success than the previous HC from that town in the Big Ten.

- Finally, Jason Candle, who was the OC at Toledo and was joining Matt Campbell at Iowa State when both Campbell and Toledo AD Mike O'Brien suggested that Candle stay and become the Rockets HC. So he did!

FINALLY, your song of the day is Oleander.