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Nebraska Football: How Did We Do Predicting The Season?

We told you back in August what would happen this season. Did we get it right?

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Predictions are fun to do before the season. But, they are more hilarious to do after the season has concluded.

For the Nebraska Cornhuskers, it was a wild, up and down season. The lows were pretty gosh darn low, while there were a couple of highs that, while not taking the sting from a 7 loss season away, gives you hope into 2016 and beyond.

What did we say about this past season? Well, I found two pieces on what Nebraska's win total should beand what would happen in the actual College Football schedule across the nation.

Due to space and the TL;DR crew, I just picked out our quotes that stated what the record would be. For further dialogue, check out the piece itself.

Let's revisit our predictions no?

Husker Mike: I’m leaning towards 7-5 at this point in time.

Ranchbabe: I tend to go with the 9-3 crowd

Pat Janssen: I like being "creative" and "different," but I have to side with the majority here. It’s looking like 9-3 is the realest possibility.

Keith:  Nebraska probably goes 10-2 against the upcoming schedule.

Mister Mike: I happen to "buy in" to what Dave Bartoo ( has to say about the Huskers’ record this year.  He predicts a record of 9-3 as the most likely, with 10-2, 8-4, and 11-1 coming in second, third, and fourth respectively.

Paul Dalen: My early model runs predict 9-3 as the most likely with a probability of about 67%, with 10-2 and 8-4 almost tied for second at about 12% each.  The individual game probabilities (most likely scenario) are below.  I believe that NU will lose to MSU and Wisconsin, and the Miami and Minnesota games will be the difference between 8-4 and 10-2.

Joe Canale: I’m going with 10-4.  This means they go 9-3 and win the west and make it to the Big Ten championship game, where I predict a loss.

Ty: I don’t want to join the 9-3 club, and thank goodness my instinct will allow me not to, but not to the good.  I think the team finishes 8-4.  Miami’s a big-time wild card game. Ah hell.  Actually, the more I think about it, I have us at 10-2.  I can’t talk myself into losing to BYU.

Brian: Nine wins, which seems anti-climatic but in the end, should be what we measure Mike Riley cause Bo Pelini had lesser assistants yet got there, am I getting this right?

Jon: Wisconsin, toss up. Minnesota, toss up. Michigan State, loss. I’d guess I’d be leaning towards 8-4 more than 9-3, just because that’s what it feels like to me.

Well, none of us got it right huh? To be fair, we didn't think Nebraska would find a way to lose games close like this in every chance possible.

As far as our National predictions, we hit on Clemson for the most part, missed on the Big 12, kind of missed on the Big Ten and REALLY whiffed on the SEC and Pac 12.

We also didn't get close on the Heisman Trophy, although most of us thought a Quarterback would win the award. Plus our picks for the College Football Playoff weren't very good. However, a few of us did get Tim Beckman's canning right, although we weren't expecting it the way it happened.

Did you get your predictions right? Let us know either way in the comments.