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Saturday Early Games Thread!!!

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Merry Day After Christmas!!!!

Your College football Bowl schedule for today!!!!

St. Petersburg Bowl : Marshall vs. UConn 10:00 am ESPN
Sun Bowl : Miami vs. Washington State 1:00 pm CBS
Heart of Dallas Bowl: Southern Miss vs. Washington 1:20 pm ESPN
Pinstripe Bowl : Duke vs. Indiana 2:30 pm ABC
Independence Bowl : Tulsa vs. Virginia Tech 4:45 pm ESPN
San Francisco Bowl : Nebraska vs. UCLA 8:15 pm ESPN

So... what'dya get for Christmas?

I got a Fitbit, the one that tracks your heart rate (of course), and Star Wars Battlefront for the PS4.

And then we had food. Lots of food. More than enough food. There is endless pie here. Life is good.