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Corn Flakes: Your Christmas Movie - Pulp Fiction

Photo by Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images

Did I ever tell you about the time Mom brought "Pulp Fiction" for us to watch as the "Christmas movie" for our family holiday get together?

She did.

My kids were young; 8, 5, and 2. This is clearly not a movie meant for them.

I complained to her that this wasn't exactly a family-oriented movie, and asked her why she picked a movie that was bound to have excessive amounts of profanity and violence.

She claimed innocence. She wasn't aware that it was such a movie, which was typical Mom. She would have popped a Brazilian fart porn tape in just to see the look on our faces had she known such a thing existed, all the while acting as shocked as the rest of us. After all, she was a good Catholic woman and "she couldn't possibly do those things you accuse her of".

I was assigned to the upstairs to keep the children busy and entertained because my wife didn't want our beautiful innocent children corrupted by Samuel L. Jackson's forceful use of the English language.

That corruption would wait until the 2007 Nebraska football season when Bill Callahan couldn't field a defense and the kids were exposed to the most colorful strings of foul language known to mankind at full volume which is to say that most of my city was aware of how poorly the Huskers were doing.

I was annoyed at having to stay upstairs, at having to be an adult, really, and keep my children from being scarred for life by Quentin Tarantino.

I'm sure others of you have stories about strange ideas your families have had around Christmas. You can share in the comments.

I hope you all have a nice Christmas Eve!

There are bowl games today!

Bahamas Bowl: Middle Tennessee vs Western Michigan - 11:00 am - ESPN

Hawaii Bowl: Cincinnati vs San Diego - 7:00 pm - ESPN

The History of Huskers-Bruins | Hail Varsity

UCLA led 28-0 after one quarter and would lead 38-7 before Nebraska could score again, on the way to a 41-28 upset victory, which wasn’t as close as it might seem.

I remember this game vividly. I watched it with a guy who wasn't a Cornhusker fan here in Minnesota, and I was never invited back to his house again. If I had a nickel...

Oregon Local News - High school football's benefits outweigh the risks

My son’s school has nearly 2,000 students, but his team is lucky to suit up 20 players for a varsity game. There are a lot more young men who want to play, but whose parents won’t let them. Their parents think the risk of brain injury outweighs the benefits of playing.

This is an excellent perspective from Mike Riley's brother.

CHRISTMAS CARDS FROM EDSBS - Every Day Should Be Saturday
Sponsored by Turfman's Father's Joy Solvent and Men's Hair Tonic For Holidays. The hair styler you can taste, only by Turfman's.

All The Ways Christmas Tries To Kill You | FiveThirtyEight
Chestnuts roasting on an open fire Jack Frost nipping at your nose Lumbago pains that will make you perspire And lacerations on your toes

UNL again among Kiplinger's best-value universities | UNL Newsroom | University of Nebraska–Lincoln
The university landed on the annual list thanks to its four-year graduation rate, average student debt at graduation, level of financial aid, a low sticker price and overall great value, according to the magazine’s editors.

From the desk of Steve Smith: This Season | University of Nebraska Press blog

It’s doubtful that Saturday night’s contest, the last undertaking of 2015, will bring a lot of clarity—or comfort to those of us who permit an intercollegiate game to make us feel way too much.

Sad but true.