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Foster Farms Bowl Press Conference Recap: Less than 35,000 Expected to Attend

Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

While ESPN and the organizers of the Foster Farms Bowl are pleased with the matchup...

...they can't be pleased with ticket sales.

It's going to look like a Purdue game, I'm afraid...

The charitable aspects of the former "Fight Hunger Bowl" still remain, even with the new title sponsor:

The news conference began with the usual platitudes:

It took a while to get to some meat and potatoes, but then Mike Riley dropped a few items of interest.

Unless it's a graduate transfer, any incoming player would not be able to play in 2016.

It's a little early to say who Nebraska might be interested in, but I'm not surprised that there are players that will be leaving after the holidays. Personally, I suspect there will be quite a few. Players gave Riley a chance for a season; we didn't see the typical exodus last year after the coaching change.

You create your own luck sometimes, and sometimes you put yourself in positions to have bad things happen.

They did pull off an upset win, but more often than not, Nebraska found ways to lose games in 2015. That can't happen next season.

Westerkamp wore a new 8-bit Christmas sweater-themed hat to the news conference.