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Big Red Cobcast: Josh Peterson Interview

The Cobcast fellas interviewed Josh Peterson from 1620 the zone's Unsportsmanlike Conduct. Are they buddies? Did it get really ugly and/or violent? You'll have to listen to find out.

What can we say about Josh Peterson?

Let me make a list (in paragraph form).

He's nice, cool, smart about Husker stuff (I'm not sure about his everyday intelligence because we only talked about football). On second thought, this list is a bad idea. Josh is on Unsportsmanlike Conduct on 1620 the zone out of Omaha. He's also a waterfall of Husker talk, a plethora of Husker insight, a volcano spewing Husker wisdom.

We talked about the bowl game and the Riley regime. Which as we all know can be a very divisive topic. On one hand he needs time, on the other, losing is the worst thing on the planet.

My list of horrible things goes like this.


2) Husker losses

3) Triple homicides

We also talked about the future and what needs to happen moving forward, Patrick O'Brien vs. Tommy Armstrong and, of course, the fries from In N Out.

One of the best ways I've found to get over a depressing season like the one we just had is to talk about it and get your feelings out. Josh helped us do that. He's a good friend.

Listen to the podcast and show your support for friendships. Or Isis wins.

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