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Nebrasketball: Prairie View A&M Preview

The Huskers try to regroup against a "very" struggling Pathers team.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Prairie View A&M

Game Date: Tuesday, December 22nd

Location of School: Prairie View, TX

Coach: Bryon Rimm II (10th year)

Mascot: Panthers

Conference: SWAC

2015-16 Record: 0-10

Nebraska shouldn't lose this game....they just shouldn't

2014-15 Season: 15-18 (12-6 conference)

Prairie View had a interesting season last year going 2-11 in the non conference. They then turned around and went 12-16 in conference play getting them in the 4th place spot for the year.

2015-16 Season:

Wow, what year can make. The Panthers are currently 0-10 and have been pretty much blown out by every team they have played. The 9 game road trip that they started the year out with didn't help things. When you go on the road and play the likes of Wisconsin, UNLV, and Baylor you are most likely going to struggle.

Statistically, they are nearing the bottom of division 1 basketball in most categories. They are 348th in ppg, tied at 320th in rpg, and 351st in assists. However, they are only tied for 273rd in points allowed per game. So, at least they can play some defense. In case you were wondering, this is out of 351 teams in the nation.

Players to Watch

Tevin Bellinger leads the team with 13.4 ppg and has been shooting roughly 37.6% from the floor most nights.

Admassu Williams is averaging 12.1 ppg and is shooting fairly well at 45.7% from the field. He also leads the team with 7.8 rpg. Admassu is one player the Huskers will have to keep an eye on throughout the night.

What Will Possibly Happen:

Nebraska is still hungover from the Samford loss and makes it two in a row.

No, I really don't think that will happen this game. Prairie View will have to play the game of their lives to pull this one off. Even against a Husker team that is dragging it's feet across the holiday break finish line.

Hopefully the loss Sunday night will wake the team up and they will start playing some smarter basketball. Even if they don't and it's another rough night I still see Big Red pulling this win out.