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Corn Flakes: No Star Wars, Janovich, and Liabilities

I didn't make it to Star Wars, Andy Janovich is a beast, and what about all those athletic department liabilities?

Photo by Eric Francis/Getty Images

No, I did not make it to Star Wars: The Force Awakens over the the weekend. The youngest son did, and now I've stopped listening to him just in case he talks about the movie. I suppose I'd better get to it soon.

How 'bout that Nebraska volleyball team!!!!!!

Andy Janovich won the Tom Novak Award, the Lunch Bucket Award, and Lifter of the Year when Nebraska football gave out their annual awards on Sunday. You might think that Janovich was underutilized this season and you might be right. The guy did everything that was asked of him. I hope that someone in the NFL recognizes his abilities and he gets some money in the draft.

Cavanaugh talks about offensive line and the future

"There are some guys that really have to grow up and get stronger," Cavanaugh said. "I’ve told a lot of them ‘you have to get serious.’ I just looked at this: we haven’t had an All-American (offensive lineman) here since 2001. So let’s set our sights a hell of a lot higher.

Nebraska will lose the services of Ryne Reeves, Chongo Kondolo, Zach Sterup and Alex Lewis at the end of this season. I'm guessing there are plenty of Husker fans who won't consider them much of a loss, but they do represent quite a bit of experience. You have to credit Alex Lewis for coming around this season. He was a distraction early in the season but cleaned up his act.

Nebraska hasn't had a great offensive line in a very long time. It's doubtful we'll have one next year, but I would love to be proven wrong on that.

Maryland is making less money than most of its peers in the Big Ten

There is something missing from every one of these articles on athletic department finances. Every article focuses on revenue, and includes expenses because that's the data available.

None of them report on liabilities, i.e., how much outstanding debt each athletic department has due to palace building, coaches contracts, or other contract obligations.

Imagine a scenario where TV contracts go down because that bubble bursts. Now what happens to all those athletic departments who are already either losing money or barely scraping by? And what happens to those stipends that the Power Five conferences are paying athletes?

Q&A with Fordham's Mike Watts on New OC Joe Moorhead

Penn State brought in a new offensive coordinator who will run a spread. Wonder how that'll do for them.

OTE's Big Ten Coach of the Year: Kirk Ferentz, Iowa

Pretty easy selection, isn't it?

Suspended for bowl, Robert Nkemdiche declares for NFL Draft

That's too bad.... you miss your final game because of your own stupidity, but I suppose he'll have a fistful of money in a few months and won't care so much.

Wisconsin football: Previewing the 2016 Badgers' defense.

One of the better statistical groups in the country -- first in scoring defense (13.1 points per game), third in total defense (267.1 yards per game allowed), among other statistics -- defensive coordinator Dave Aranda is in his third season in the 3-4 defense, and the players are flourishing.

Steve Harvey gave the crown to the wrong Miss Universe and his night somehow got worse

Harvey announced Miss Colombia, Paulina Vega, as the winner of the pageant, where in fact, the winner was supposed to be Miss Phillipines, Pia Wurtzbach. This led to the very awkward moment where the crown was removed from Miss Colombia and given to Miss Philippines:

Good lord. This is rather horrifying if you actually worry about beautiful women getting shafted in the most public way possible.

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