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They did it! The Huskers swept the Texas Longhorns to claim their fourth National Championship. In a fiercely competitive match, the Huskers rode the arm of freshman Mikaela Foecke and her 19 kills to victory in front of a raucous NCAA record crowd in Omaha.

The Huskers trailed in all three sets before rallying in each. Senior Kelsey Fien finished the match on her 22nd swing of the night, sending the 17,561 into a frenzy. The team dog piled in jubilation as streamers rained from the rafters.

With much of their roster returning, the Huskers will likely be overwhelming favorites to repeat as champions, but for tonight, those expectations can wait. The Huskers are champions and can enjoy this night for all it's worth. They earned it.

The team will return to Lincoln to celebrate, once again with their fans. The celebration will be held at 1 p.m. at the Devaney Center.