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Nebrasketball: Samford Preview

Huskers need to keep their win streak alive during the winter break

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports


Game Date: Sunday, December 20th

Location of School: Homewood, AL

Coach: Scott Padgett (2nd year)

Mascot: Bulldog

Conference: Southern

2015-16 Record: 7-4

Everyone have a nice dead week? Good, lets get back to Nebrasketball!

2014-15 Season: 13-19 (6-12 Conference)

The Bulldogs had a transitional season with first year head coach Scott Padgett and the helm. This is a name a few of you should recognize. He was a standout player for Kentucky and played a few years in the NBA before coming into coaching. He's a well respected coach considering how young he is in the profession and should be a name to follow in the future.

While they tied for 7th in the conference, there really wasn't much between them and a the bottom feeders during the year. They did have some good performances from their upperclassmen. Many of which return to the court this year.

2015-16 Season:

Samford has had a decent season so far with an 7-4 record. With most of the wins against like opponents. Their main loses were to Louisville in their first game of the year and Texas. On Friday they lost to Southern Alabama in overtime. This is a team that is probably better than their record states and has given most of their opponents problems. Even in their losses.

Players to Watch:

Darius Jones-Gibson - Preseason SoCon all conference team. 15.6 ppg and is considered one of the better guards in the conference. He will be their major threat and should not be guarded lightly. If he has a hot game it could give the Huskers fits.

Christen Cunningham - Has averaged 14.7 ppg and has shown good leadership on the court. Our guys need to contain him before he starts hitting the basket.

Matt Rose - Is a freshman out of Kentucy who is hitting 9.5 ppg and 5 rpg. He has been a welcome help on the court and should be a factor on sunday night.

What will probably happen:

Samford has a fairly decent team but I don't see them as a major threat. Coach Miles believes that they are a dangerous team and I agree. However, Nebraska has the talent to pull this win off. Even if the Huskers come out cold, which they are known to do, they should still be able to handle the Bulldogs.

If the Huskers were smart they would come out fast and get this game over with. Finals are over and there should be little distraction from having a strong performance.