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Nebraska Football: Danny Langsdorf Talks UCLA Defense vs. Nebraska Offense

The Husker playcaller talked the looks the Bruins give on Defense, as well as the turnover battle.

David McGee

After practice Tuesday, Nebraska Cornhuskers Offensive Coordinator Danny Langsdorf talked about the challenges that the UCLA Bruins will give the Huskers when Nebraska has the ball.

The Bruins are 52nd in FBS in Scoring Defense and 41st in Passing Defense. Linebacker Jayon Brown leads the team with 71 tackles, which accounts for about 10% of the total of the Defense.

The Huskers have struggled with 3rd down conversions this year, converting 43% of their opportunities this year. The Bruins only allow just over 38% on 3rd down.

With the way the Huskers have lived and died by taking care of the ball this year, the message is clear to the team, especially Tommy Armstrong Jr, that Nebraska must win the Turnover battle.

"We just talked about not being able to live with turnovers," Langsdorf said. "That's just something that is a huge indicator in a win and a loss, so we have to do a better job of taking care of the ball. I think he (Tommy Armstrong Jr.) knows that. We've looked closely at how we carry the ball when we're running with it and then decision making and who we're throwing to and if they're open and the timing of it and the ball placement and all of it. There's more and more work to do and we just have to keep growing and learn from the mistakes and play better the next week."

The Huskers and Bruins play December 26th in Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, California.