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Nebraska Football: Jonathan Rose No Longer A Husker, Terrell Newby Healthy For Foster Farms Bowl

The Corner from Leeds, Alabama will finish his Nebraska career with his third suspension from Head Coach Mike Riley

Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

In a media opportunity after Tuesday's workout as the Nebraska Cornhuskers prepared for the Foster Farms Bowl, HC Mike Riley confirmed who was the extra person not with Nebraska anymore after his media opportunity Friday.

Rose, who is a Senior from Leeds, Alabama, had been suspended by Riley a couple of times this season. He started as one of the few who didn't play in the BYU game. Rose also missed the Purdue game as well due to suspension.

Nebraska should be set to go without Rose, however.

Riley also discussed Defensive Tackle depth, with Mick Stoltenberg being out for the game as well due to injury.

Offensive Line coach Mike Cavanaugh had this to say about Tanner Farmer and his working out with the Nebraska Wrestling team:

According to OC Danny Langsdorf, expect Terrell Newby to be the main man carrying the ball vs. UCLA.

Senior DL Jack Gangwish was working on some things to get noticed by NFL scouts, and has a backup plan just in case.