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Big Red Cobcast: Tony Banks Interview

The cobcast men interviewed Tony Banks about Michigan State, playing both with and against Lawrence Phillips and who's a better coach: Saban or Dantonio.

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Tony Banks was a star quarterback for the Spartans, a Super Bowl winning quarterback in the NFL and the most important person at the B1G Network. Tied, of course, with Mike Hall who was also a Cobcast interviewee. The road to success at the B1G network leads through the Cobcast studios. Who wants a taste of that sweet Cobcast nectar to boost their career? We're looking at you Damon Benning.

I guess you cooooould make the argument that Tony Banks (and everyone else we've ever interviewed) did it on his own and that none of at the Cobcast guys matter to anyone but their respective mothers.

Which is also a valid point.

Tony picked himself up by his own boot straps and worked his proverbial ass off to get the NFL. Mr Banks worked with both Saban and Dantonio which is very relevant considering MSU's first game of the playoffs. He talked with us about the two coaching styles and also the two conferences.

Some of the most interesting stuff to us (obviously we're biased) was when he spoke about his relationship with Lawrence Phillips. His recollection of the "greatest player I've ever seen" was different than what we may think. He recalls a man that was growing but at the same time was nothing without football.

The Super Bowl winner also talked to us about Riley and what it takes to, if anything can, get back to the upper echelon of college football. Its nice to get an outsiders opinion on Nebraska football, fans and culture. Especially when it comes from someone who doesnt seem to hold back.

This was a really great interview and Tony was very generous with his time and insight. Listen to the man already, he's one of the good guys.

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