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Corn Flakes: Heisman, Crowdfunding And Why Lawyers Suck

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The Heisman Trophy was awarded over the weekend. It went to Derrick Henry of Alabama. Christian McAffrey of Stanford was second, and Deshaun Watson of Clemson finished third.

There were complaints that only three candidates were invited to the ceremony, but when you look at the voting you get why; Baker Mayfield was a distant fourth. Still, it wouldn't have hurt to have more actual players highlighted would it?

There's a lot of cynicism surrounding the Heisman. It's a great award if one of your guys is a candidate, and a joke award if they're not. It has not helped that ESPN has taken the award and done with it as they have everything else, pounded it into the ground, then pounded more and more and more until that's left is dirt and pebbles.

Did you try to watch the award ceremony? I flipped over there for about five minutes to watch Chris Fowler speaking, then realized it was an hour and a half long, gave up, and went back to volleyball on ESPNU.

Note that 15 percent of voters sent in their vote before the conference championship weekend. There are 870 media voters for the Heisman. Why?

Twitter, as you can expect, was alive with comments about the ceremony.

I'm figuring Nebraska fans tuned in to see what Mike Rozier was wearing. Rozier could make it easier on us if he'd just send out something on social media.

As far as the winner goes, I admit my bias. I can't stand Alabama. I think Henry is a fine running back, but I'd rather the award have gone to McAffrey, who did everything for Stanford this season.

But in reality....

Whatever, Mr Rational Guy on twitter. Who needs you?

There's another organization promoting crowdfunding for college athletes. UBooster sees itself as the future:

"UBooster is the world’s premier platform for supporting college athletes. Through UBooster, fans Boost funds to demonstrate their support of the choices made by high school athletes. All the funds go to a trust fund (known as a UFund) for the athletes, which they can access at the end of their NCAA eligibility.

If you're wondering, "Is this illegal in the eyes of the NCAA?", well, yes, it.. mostly is. The NCAA dealt with the subject of crowdfunding college athletes in a column on November 6, 2014 after a site named FanPay tried the same thing.

I was tempted to quote most of that article, but I was worried about your short attention span, so I've tried to limit it to the most relevant component to make my point about the subject.

The previous questions were all about why crowdfunding cannot be used, but then you run into Question No. 9 and you think that this might be okay.

Question No. 9: Is a student-athlete permitted to set up his or her own profile on a crowdfunding website to solicit funds to pay for expenses associated with competition and practice for an outside team?

Answer: Yes. This is permissible because a student-athlete who participates in a sport as a member of a team may receive actual and necessary expenses for competition and practice held in preparation for such competition from an outside sponsor other than an agent or a representative of an institution's athletics interests. A student-athlete who participates as an individual in a sport may receive actual and necessary expenses associated with an athletics event and practice immediately preceding the event, from an outside sponsor other than an agent or a representative of an institution's athletics interests.

TL;DR - it's complicated.

Can it be used?

Yes, apparently, as long as the site doesn't use the athlete's name, image, or likeness, and as long as the athlete doesn't acknowledge the money ahead of time, and as long as... as long as lawyers all get together and bill the shit out of the NCAA and then someone else somewhere pays them to attack the NCAA on these grounds.

Bottom line:

Schools will want NO association with sites like Fanpay or UBooster. It's not because they want to suck all of the money out of the athletes that they can (well, that's not the main reason), it's because if they're caught up in this they will get their athletes ruled ineligible, their teams barred from postseason competition, and all the other sanctions that the NCAA can throw at them.

You might think that's not much, but getting an individual athlete ruled ineligible really sucks because then you have to get more lawyers to file more briefs and bill more hours and wait for more rulings and everything involves lawyers and when everything involves lawyers IT SUCKS ALWAYS because they don't care if it takes all that time while your life slowly dwindles away.....

Here's a nice photo David took over the weekend as Nebraska picked up a nice win against Rhode Island.

Gallery: Huskers knock off Rhode Island David McGee

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