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Nebraska vs. Rhode Island Game Thread

The Ocean State comes inland to take on the Huskers

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

Okay, it's Sunday. We've had plenty of time to process the last loss and it's time to move on. Pass on the NFL for a little bit and cheer on the Huskers as they take on the Rams of Rhode Island.

Check out our Rhode Island Preview here

Time: 1:00pm

Television: None

Radio: KLIN

Internet: Husker Sports Network & ESPN3 (aka Watch ESPN)

Probable Starters

Nebraska: Andrew White III, Tai Webster, Shavon Shields, Benny Parker, Michael Jacobson

Rhode Island: Hassan Martin, Kuran Iverson, Four McGlynn, Jarvis Garrett, Jared Terrell

Brew of the game: It's cold and rainy in Eastern Nebraska and it's the middle of December. Let's go with a hoppy brew to get you out of the house and riled up for Nebrasketball. Blue Blood Brewery's All Hopped Up it shall be. Drink with responsibly.