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Nebraska Volleyball: Sweet 16 Begins Against BYU!

Nebraska plays BYU this afternoon to see who may advance in the NCAA Volleyball Tournament

David McGee

Nebraska volleyball plays against BYU today at 4:00 pm Central in a chance to continue their quest for a Final Four bid in Omaha. The game will be streamed on ESPN3, and the team will be playing in Lexington, Kentucky, home of the Wildcats. Nebraska is a #4 seed, while BYU is a #13 seed.

Also in the regional are 12th-seeded Ohio State and 5th-seeded Washington.

This is a game of revenge.

BYU swept Nebraska (that's 3-0) last season to remove them from the volleyball tournament. Now it's time for the Huskers to remove BYU.

BYU Beats Nebraska Football on Last second Hail Mary David McGee

You could consider it a revenge game for that last second Hail Mary win, but we all know that volleyball doesn't feed the male ego in nearly the same way as football.

Still, if you like women who kick ass, then you should be rooting for Nebraska women to kick ass.

For an actual, full-fledged preview, you should probably go to I could probably re-write their press release like most of the rest of the sportswriting world, but I'm even lazier than they are.

From a conference perspective, plenty of Big Tens are still in the tournament.

  • Illinois plays Minnesota
  • Penn State plays Hawaii
  • Ohio State plays Washington (as mentioned above)
  • Wisconsin plays Florida
  • Nebraska plays BYU