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Long the subject of speculation for job openings at his alma mater, the University of Nebraska, Frost will inherit a program that has fallen from a BCS appearance to 0-12 in two years. He has been the offensive coordinator at Oregon since 2013.

Frost can now complete the four corners of the USA coaching ring with future gigs at Maine & San Diego.
Frost can now complete the four corners of the USA coaching ring with future gigs at Maine & San Diego.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The University of Central Florida's athletic director has confirmed that Scott Frost has been hired as their next head coach. Frost takes over for a program that only two years ago finished 12-1 and, led by Blake Bortles, defeated Baylor 52-42 in the Fiesta Bowl.

However, after going 8-4 in 2014, the Knights plummeted to an 0-12 season in 2015. In October, George O'Leary first resigned as athletic director, then two weeks later relinquished his head coaching position as well following an 0-8 start.

Frost began his college career at Stanford transferring to the University of Nebraska after the 1994 season. He took over the starting QB job in 1996 and led the Huskers to their last national title in 1997. He played in the NFL for six years with four different teams as a defensive back and on special teams. After GA jobs with Nebraska and Kansas St., he began his college coaching career with Northern Iowa as their LB coach before becoming their Co-Defensive Coordinator in 2008. He then left for Oregon to become their WR Coach. When Mark Helfrich took over in 2013, Frost was promoted to Offensive Coordinator/QB Coach.

He has long been the subject of speculation for Nebraska job openings, both on Bo Pelini's staff and for the head coaching slot that was given to Mike Riley. While this & Riley having only been here a season may quiet that talk for now, those rumblings will likely begin again if he can turn the UCF program around in short order with head coach experience now on the resume  and Riley fails to improve the situation in Lincoln.

Or maybe in the next two years, Riley morphs into Bud Wilkinson and Frost goes 1-23 and opens a shrimping business on the Gulf Coast. That's the beauty of speculation. What does everyone think about this hire?