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Cobs of the Week: Clemson, TCU, Ole Miss, Purdue, Cal and Memphis

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Once again, it's time to honor the worst of the week in college football with the Cob. The good news is that Nebraska is blissfully ineligible this week; the bad news is that, well, there wasn't a lot of Cob-worthy suckage out there. I mean, we probably could have nominated CBS News for using the Iowa State logo for the Hawkeyes, but morning news programs typically don't cover much football. Besides, until this season, nobody outside the state of Iowa really cared about either of them.

But we do have a few candidates to honor this weekend:


Facing third and three from the Florida State 7 yard line, the Tigers decided to spike the ball WITH 33 SECONDS left before halftime. Wanted to save all the time (and their timeout) to make sure they got the field they'd only be trailing 10-6 at halftime. I mean, being tied is for the birds.


Well, that flirtation with the College Football Playoff was brief with a 49-29 loss to Okie State. The bed is messy, but maybe the Big 12 goes through Stillwater this year.

Ole Miss

Not ONLY do you allow a 4th and 15 to be converted, but by a backwards pass. And THEN, you make the sack to end the game... but facemask, half the distance, Brandon Allen runs it in. WOMP WOMP.

Ole Miss Fans

Submitted without further comment:


Our Brian Towle predicted that Purdue would go the "superhero one week, fartnoise the next."  Well, losing 48-14 to Illinois at home was a particularly moist fart that surely soaked all the way through two layers of clothing.


3 turnovers & letting Navy run wild on you at home is no way to get a New Year's 6 bowl game, son.


It's not losing to Oregon in Eugene, cause that happens. More so, you had 432 yards of Offense.... AND WAS OUTGAINED BY 350! Yes, you Sonny Dykes, gave up 777 yards of Offense. How you ONLY lost by 2 scores is a minor miracle.