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Nothing comes easy for this team. Nothing comes without drama either, good or bad. In a season full of gut wrenching losses and games that go right down to the wire, a season full of frustration was released in a euphoric celebration after Connor Cook's pass sailed out-of-bounds and incomplete as time expired, completing the wild comeback win over #7 Michigan State.

The Huskers found their ground game after, running for 179 yards, but it was the passing game that won it for the Huskers late. In another wild 4th Quarter rally, NU quarterback Tommy Armstrong was 6/10 for 140 yards and a TD. He rushed for two as well, leading the Huskers to the win over the Spartans. Armstrong connected on the game winning touchdown with Brandon Reilly for 30 yards, ignigniting a wild celebration that lasted on the field for nearly 20 minutes after the game ended.

The game keeps NU's bowl chances alive. They will seek to keep them going next week as they travel to Rutgers. Kickoff is at 2:30.