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Former Nebraska Volleyball HC Terry Pettit Makes Statement On Nebraska Football Program

A famous coach at Nebraska talking about coaching at Nebraska.

Terry Pettit
Terry Pettit
David McGee

Former Nebraska Cornhuskers Volleyball Head Coach Terry Pettit had some interesting things to say in a tweet that came out at high noon on Wednesday. The tweet discussed the Football program, including Bo Pelini and Mike Riley. Oh, yes and an auto manufacturer.

For those wondering who exactly Terry Pettit may be, a refresher from his own website:

For twenty-three years Terry was the head coach of one of the most successful athletic teams in NCAA history. Under Terry’s leadership the University of Nebraska’s women’s volleyball team won twenty-one Big 8 and Big 12 conference championships while leading the nation in both All American and Academic All American selections.

He directed the Nebraska volleyball team to forty-three NCAA tournament victories and the school’s first National Championship in women’s volleyball 1995. Terry earned National Coach of the Year honors in 1986, 1994 and 1996 before becoming a mentor coach to the University of Nebraska Athletic Department in 2000. In 2003 he began his current passion, Terry Pettit Coaching Enhancement.

Terry has made a living coaching coaches, and his track record at Nebraska does give him the clout to make such a statement.

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