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Nebraska vs. Iowa: Rivalry Week Predictions

Time to call our shot and make the picks of the final week of the regular season.

Remember that time I wanted to kick your ass on the internet this weekend? Bygones, till next year.
Remember that time I wanted to kick your ass on the internet this weekend? Bygones, till next year.
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Husker Mike:   I could not care less about Iowa’s ranking or record this season. All that matters to me is Nebraska winning this Friday - because I don’t want to hear from Iowa fans in 2016.

Patrick G: Fall has gone by way too fast

Greg: I concur with Patrick. Crazy that we just had Thanksgiving. But I’m once again thankful for a Friday-after where I’m off work and able to watch the Huskers.

Pat Janssen: I want to pick the Nebraska/UConn women's hoops game! I'll actually be able to see that one in person.

Joe Canale: I like leftover cold turkey on a roll with mayo and cranberry sauce.  Just sayin.

Brian: Well, here we are. Black Friday, and thank goodness we’re finally here. And cranberry sauce from a can SUCKS. AT ME FOOLS.

Ohio State (+1.5) at Michigan

Patrick G: This should be a great game this year. I say that even with the fact that two of OSU’s top players are basically out the door before the game even starts. I think Urban can get this team together for this game. It’s too big to pass up, even with the drama that the team has had the last few days. However, I think Michigan will break Ohio States 3 game win streak. It will be close and I have a feeling there will be drama.

Michigan 17 Ohio State 12

Greg: There’s no easy way to express my feelings for this game, but let me try. When Notre Dame and Michigan play, I "cheer" for the Irish. When Michigan and Ohio State play, I prefer to see the Maize and Blue win the day. This year is no exception, though I feel a torrential storm of Michigan fans screaming "we’re back." I dunno, I’ll probably always choose Michigan over Ohio State because I hate the state of Ohio. So there’s that. FOOTBALL! Michigan 27 Ohio State 17

Pat Janssen: I honestly think last week will not have any negative effects on Ohio State. If anything, I think it will bring the team together and they will play better. Urban Meyer is a hell of a coach. So basically that evens out Michigan's home field advantage. Who do I think wins this game straight up? Depends on whether or not Ohio State prefers to run the ball like they did on their way to a national championship or not. Not that that is a guarantee against Michigan's front, but they are going to have to try. I've been meaning toward Ohio State for a while, but I'm going with an 11th-hour flip. Wolverines 23, Bucks 21

Joe: This was one of my favorite games to watch before we joined the big 10.  I hated both teams then and would root for the lower ranked team to ruin the higher ranked team’s season every time.  I guess I’m rooting for Michigan, but I have a hard time rooting for Harbaugh.  Michigan 14 OSU 13.

Mike: Don’t count Urbz out...especially in The Game.  The Buckeyes will run the ball and will get the "W" in the Big House. No way they lose two in a row.  Bucknuts 27, Weasels 21

Nathaniel: Ohio State is falling apart. Michigan seems to be rolling again. This game will be more interesting to watch compared to the last few seasons. Michigan 27 Ohio State 24

Brian: Man… where to start here? Who knew that a fanbase could hate Tim Beck more than Nebraska’s ever could? You would think after last week that OSU wouldn’t have a chance, especially against that Michigan D. However, this is where Meyer shines. The Wolverines are not bad, but I think Urban challenges his squad and they get the gold pants. This will be the best game of the weekend to watch by far.

Northwestern (-3.5) vs. Illinois at Soldier Field

Patrick G: Yep, don’t care.

Northwestern 38 Illinois 21

Greg: Remember a couple years ago when they tried playing this game at Wrigley and could only play to one end of the field because Wrigley is a tiny shit hole? Now they’re playing FOOTBALL in a FOOTBALL stadium. It works so much better. But Northwestern wins and Illinois won’t score 20 points. 31-17

Pat Janssen: The Fightin’ Bill Cubits give it a good shot, but Northwestern is simply a better football team. Cats 31, ‘Ni 21

Joe: I find so many teams in our division SOOOOOO boring.  These are two of them.  NW 17- Ill 9

Mike: The Bill Cubit era ends with a wimper. How the heck did they beat Nebraska? Oh, right.  Wildcats 27, Illini 21

Nathaniel: Northwestern should have no problem with the Illini and will finish off the season with a bang. jNW 31 Ill 10

Brian: We all lose by picking this one. NW will win, and Illinois will lose twice when they botch the football coach they hire.

Wisconsin (-2.5) at Minnesota

Patrick G: This is one of my favorite rivalry games. How can you not love a 3000 foot ax that the winner takes home? Minnesota comes into this game after an emotional season while Wisconsin is still breaking in their native son head coach. Minnesota has more losses, but I like the way they are playing and I think they want it more than Wisconsin.

Minnesota 17 Wisconsin 9

Greg: This might be the best game of the weekend. And I have to think that the home team will take it. I’m saying 35-31 Gophers.

Pat Janssen: Pissed off Wisconsin versus inspired Minnesota. I've flipped my opinion on this one too. I'll side with home field advantage. The fat alcoholic state with the Gopher 31, the fat alcoholic state with the Badger 28

Joe: I’m guessing it will be cold.  Badgers 24- Gophers 16

Mike: Sorry, Gophers… No bowl for you.  Badgers 27, Gophers 21

Nathaniel: Badgers are angry after last week and they are going to take it out on the Gophers. Wisky 27 Gophers 24

Brian: Now this will be good. I think Wisconsin would roll if this was at Camp Randall, but Minnesota will play inspired ball and win at home. We also have no idea if Corey Clement will play due to getting a disorderly conduct ticket this week, so that would not help the Badgers much either.

Oklahoma (-4.5) at Oklahoma State

Patrick G: Two top ten teams with high power offences. This should be one of the more high scoring games of the day. Oklahoma State is coming into norman licking their chops after a tough loss to Baylor last week. Yet, I don’t see their defense playing well enough to beat Oklahoma. Oklahoma wins and keeps their spot in the playoff.

Oklahoma 44 Oklahoma State 23

Greg: I know people in Oklahoma care about this game, but as far as rivalries go, has it picked up enough traction to be relevant nationally? I think most people still consider the Red River Rivalry as Oklahoma’s current big game. But it won’t get any bigger than Bedlam this year for the Sooners who need this win to solidify their playoff standings. I think they get it, beating their version of "Little Brother" 45-35.

Pat Janssen: Oklahoma can really choose when to turn it on and when not to. This seems like a good time to turn it on. Yet something has me trending toward an upset. This feels like one of those late 90s/early 00s games where nobody felt the Pokes had a chance, only for them to pull it out in Stillwater. Gundy 42, Stoops 37

Joe: It makes for more crazyness in the playoff if the Cowboys win.  so OKST-52 OU-47

Mike: Baker Mayfield looks like he’ll be cleared, and he’ll be the difference. Sooners 48, Pokes 38

Nathaniel: Another classic Big 12 shootout in Stillwater. Oklahoma’s defense will have to step it up and put pressure on the QB. This will be a fun one to watch and Oklahoma should pull it out. Sooners 55 Cowboys 45

Brian: BEDLAMMMMM. It’s the game of the year in the Big 12, where the winner gets the crown and a spot in the College Football Playoff is up for grabs. The Cowboys have only won this game twice in the last 12 years, but one of those wins was last year in Norman in Overtime. This is the game Bob Stoops NEEDS to get the proverbial monkey off his back, and I think he gets it. The Sooner D will help his cause, and even though it will be high-scoring, the Sooners cement themselves in the Playoff race with a win in Boone Pickens.

Iowa (-1.5) at Nebraska

Patrick G: Iowa is good. No bones about it. They play a solid, consistent, and in your face type of football. They know what type of team they are and the roles they play in it. No one saw this coming this year and they had no reason to. Three months ago folks were still calling for Kirk’s job. It’s funny how things can change. Nebraska on the other hand has had a tough year. Yet, they are now healthier than they have been since entering fall camp and seem to have bought into Riley’s system. Depending on what happens on the field, this could be the game that actually starts the rivalry (eastern Nebraskans need something). Honestly, I can see this game go either way. However….

Nebraska 24 Iowa 21

Greg: Iowa is shit. This corporate trophy is shit. I say we scrap the HyVee Heroes Trophy and replace it with The Golden Hulk Fist, one of those green Hulk fist toys you buy your nephew for his birthday, he plays with it for a month, then forgets about...BECAUSE THAT’S HOW KIDS OPERATE! Then you dip that unused toy into liquid gold, mount it on a 2x4, spray paint NU in red and UI on the other side in black. Winner take all. Nebraska is going to win. Iowa City will freeze with the frozen tears of hawkeye fans. 41-24 GBR!

Pat Janssen: Two things have changed in the last few weeks. 1.) I stopped wearing Nebraska gear on game days (Sunday-Friday is still acceptable, though) 2.) I stopped picking Nebraska. Next year, I might pick us to go 0-12. As for Friday, Hawks over the Huskers 31-27.

Joe: Iowa is one of those boring teams.  This season will be the high point of the next 25 years for them, regardless of the outcome Friday.  I’ll give you my prediction next week.  I just want to be sure I get one right this year.

Mike: We know what we’ll get from Iowa: a solid running game, and a quarterback who won’t make many mistakes. The only question is which Nebraska will we see?  The one that upset Michigan State?  Or the one that lost to Purdue?

In recent weeks, Iowa has shown signs of wearing down and being a little more vulnerable to the run. On a short week, that could be even more pronounced. But will Nebraska try to exploit Iowa’s vulnerabilities?  Any other week, I’d be skeptical, but these are the games Mike Riley finds a way to win.  Huskers 31, Squawks 28

Nathaniel: Tommy Armstrong needs to have a perfect game and avoid making too many bad decisions against this Iowa defense. Turnovers will make the difference this game and Nebraska should win if they keep that number low and run the ball like they have been doing the past couple weeks. Iowa misses a last minute field goal and go into the conference championship with a loss.

Nebraska 31 Iowa 30

Brian: My only reasons in picking the Huskers in this game are 1) Mike Riley coached teams play better as underdogs, and 2) a bye week. Nebraska is as healthy as they could imagine, while Iowa has to come in on a short week. Marc Morehouse has confirmed on Twitter that Desmond King is suspended for at least the first quarter for this game for "undisclosed" reasons.

Good Tommy has to be in the game. No bad throws, smart plays, hitting checkdowns and his Wideouts have to help him in a game that will have messy weather. The Defense will have to shut down the run and make Iowa one-dimensional, which can make you worry more if the Secondary is called to win the game. The Hawkeyes could be looking forward to Indy, their OL is not fully healthy.. yes, we can do it. Huskers 34, Hawkeyes 28.