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Nebraska Football: No Charges To Be Filed From Armstrong/Westerkamp Sexual Assault Investiagion

A morning press conference clears the air on Wednesday.

Eric Francis/Getty Images

Lincoln Police Chief Jim Peshong and Lancaster County Attorney Joe Kelly announced Wednesday morning that no charges will be filed and no arrests will be made from a incident at the home of Tommy Armstrong & Jordan Westerkamp after the Rutgers game.

The announcement comes from a incident the evening after the Nebraska Cornhuskers returned home from a victory vs. Rutgers, the last game the Huskers have played. They take on the Iowa Hawkeyes Friday afternoon in Lincoln.

It would be fair to wonder where the thought of needing proof beyond reasonable doubt is needed to file. It's obvious something happened here, but we don't know how the investigation (which is closed for now) turned up. According to all reports, the victim here stayed with the police and cooperated in every way, which doesn't happen all the time.

Lincoln Police and the Lancaster County Attorney considers the matter closed for now. There is no indication that Nebraska is out of the clear, however. Title IX investigations would probably not be done on the matter. Not to mention possible civil action vs. certain folks.

Update: A release from the UNL Athletic Department

“We are aware of this morning’s announcement by the Lincoln Police Department and the Lancaster County Attorney. There is no change in the status of any student-athletes. We will continue to follow University policies.”