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Nebrasketball: Nebraska 67 Arkansas - Pine Bluff 44

Nebraska's defense keeps the Lions shooting just 30% from the floor.

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

It was a slow start for the Huskers in Lincoln. The Huskers started the game with only a 3 point lead in the first 12 minutes at 15-12. While the game play was sluggish, the game itself was never really out of the team's grasp. By halftime the score was 34-16 Nebraska.

Arkansas - Pine Bluff already had some tough games this year and their struggles were brought with them tonight. The Lions came into this game with 112 team fouls in four games so far this season. Not a statistic you want to take into a hostile environment like The Vault. They kept this streak going by have 4 fouls in roughly the first 5 minutes of play and ended the night with 27 total.

By the time the second half got under way the Huskers had the game easily in hand even with only shooting 38.2% from the floor.

Andrew White III lead the team with 16 points and was followed closely by Shavon Shields with 15. Michael Jacobson came off the bench to dominate under the hoop with 8 boards and Jake Hammond end with 7.

The defense held a weak offensive team to 30.6% from the floor. While Nebraska is a good defensive team, it's hard to take anything away from tonights game. The Lions proved they are not a team to gage yourself against.

Join us again Friday when the Huskers take on #24 Cincinnati in Brooklyn, NY